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Bug Out Vehicle (BOV)

June 16, 2009

Someone sent me an email with pictures of a great BOV.  Check it out.

ATT00000It reminds me of a Unimog.

ATT00010Looks rugged.  I wonder how the mileage is.

ATT00009Even load a bike on it.

Now check out the inside.  It’s plusher than my house.





ATT00005See the coffee maker built in over the sink?

ATT00006This has to be German or Swedish engineering.  It’s so organized.


ATT00008Get Outside Everyday!!

P1010097Just a little waterfall near me house.  Do you know the places in your AO that are nice to walk?  Do you know all the paths and trails within a few miles of your house?  You know where berries grow wild?