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ISIS and silver

September 13, 2014

Who really gives a crap about ISIS? The best way to make them ISIS irrelevant is to publicly ignore it.  Any loss of life is terrible and I feel badly for the Sotloff and Foley families, immediate and extended.  Let’s face it though both Sotloff and Foley were adults who chose to pursue dangerous jobs in dangerous places.

What does James Foley’s mother expect? Her son voluntarily accepted a dangerous job and I’m sure he knew the possible risks involved.  Does she expect the US government to tell her that they were planning a secret raid? But for her son’s decisions she would not be mourning now.  It’s not the government.  It’s not the POTUS.  It’s not the military.  It was her son’s decision to pursue his craft the way he wanted to.

ISIS must be laughing at us.  We lose two people and we’re all up in arms over it.  How many folks do you figure are killed every day in Iraq and Syria?  It’s really quite disproportionate – the loss of life compared to our reaction.  By making a big public deal out of it, with the POTUS giving prime time speeches we look weak.  Our public face should be a poker face as if we could care less.  While behind the scenes we work to annihilate them.  It’s the same thing with mass murderers.  By giving them publicity we pump them up and motivate copy cats too.  Ignore them, or at least appear to ignore them on the public stage.

I think it was a dumb move to even allocate resources to the secret raid.  Foley and Sotloff got themselves into that fix it ain’t the responsibility of Uncle Sam to risk more lives to get them back.  Air strikes sure.  Special forces ops sure.  But I wouldn’t even waste my breath on making any public statement. Let’s not do anything to make ISIS famous.  Let’s work towards quietly eradicating the threat behind the scenes.

BTW keep your eye on the price of silver.  If you like silver as an investment or to store wealth I think the prices are going to get back to where it may be worth buying some.  The price of silver has been falling and it’s trading well below its 200 DMA.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it falls to a five year low around $15.  Not advice, but personally when it starts to move to the below $18 range I’ll begin dollar cost average purchasing.  I do think that there is a lot of upside over the long term to silver.