You must have seen video of Sarah Palin giving the keynote at the Tea Party Convention.  It was a real Hell fire and brimstone sort of speech.  Well did you see Sarah Palin had notes written on her hand during an interview following the event? “In her appearance at the Tea Party Convention, Sarah Palin mocked President Obama for his reliance on a teleprompter — while relying herself on a more rudimentary memory aid: notes scribbled on her hand.

I don’t like Sarah Palin, I never have.   Seriously though why is she still around?  How can anyone consider her a serious candidate for any public office. Think she ever read the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution beginning to end?  I don’t.  Come to think of it I’m not sure if you have either.  Well have ya? Click links above.  Remember the Katie Couric (whom I also can’t stand) interview when Palin couldn’t even name a single newspaper? Couric – ‘what newspapers do you read?’ Palin – ‘all of them.’  Puhlease.  [Transcript Link here read 1/3 of way down.] If Palin was 65 and matronly she would be done, as in stick a fork in her.     Pretty girl and men fall over themselves.  Men are such pussies.

It means nothing to me that she had to use notes for an interview.  It’s how she went about it.  Sarah Palin is a sneak.  This was also after she criticized President Obama for using a teleprompter.

Did you see the way she glanced down at the notes sheepishly?  It just feels dishonest to me.  She acts like a middle-school student cheating on a vocabulary quiz.  What bothers me most is that she thinks she is pulling a fast one on us.  She is a cheater and a sneak.  Palin and Bill Clinton should marry.   How do you feel about Sarah Palin writing crib notes on the palm of her hand?


Some cool looking bark on a cool looking cedar or juniper I’d guess.  I didn’t check the tree out when I took the picture.  Do you know?

And here’s a trail from one of the abandoned ski areas that I frequent.  Unfortunately all of the snow has melted since I took this picture.  More is on the way Wednesday though I hope.  Skiing really doesn’t get any better than this.

Just get out of your office, house, condo, cabin, cottage, home, shed, apartment, pad, monkey cage or kennel every day.  Really walk around a bit get some fresh air.

5 Responses to “Sarah”

  1. ticom83 Says:

    There hasn’t been any difference between the Republicrats and the Demopublicians for some time now.

    Sarah Palin is owned like any other politician. The question is: Are her owners in favor of your particular special interest group, and will they keep their promise to give you part of the take?

    God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson…

  2. marte Says:


    I have been following you incredibly informative postings for a long time…I have learned immensely from them. But do us all a favor: leave the Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) to the Fluffington Post or the Daily Kommie blogs; you are better than that, aren’t you?

    How do you know what Palin reads? Have you ever been interviewed by a network anchor and been able to answer without getting nervous or sounding “funny?” I have-and let me tell you, it takes a LOT of practice not to mess up. Was Palin taking some sort of closed-book test during her speech where the rules said she could not use reference aids? Is your memory so perfect that you NEVER forget anything and NEVER have to write something down, e.g., a memory jogger or a shopping list?

    Palin wrote 4-5 WORDS to remind herself what the salient points of her message were! What is wrong with that? She is wearing a dress with no pockets and probably did not want to carry an index card!!! so what? For all the mocking of Palin because it took her 5 years and 4 colleges to finish her degree (because she did not have a Saudi Prince to pay for her education, like Obama!!), you people expect her to act like Einstein? Make up your mind!!
    At least she is not reading from a teleprompter while addressing FIRST GRADERS!!!

    I am sorry, but you lost me….and I don’t like you now…

  3. Abraham Says:

    Marty – Like I wrote it means nothing to me that Palin had to use notes. What she did was sneaky. She knew she was being sneaky. It was like she was cheating.

    I judge everyone by the same standard. That’s why I said that Palin and Bill Clinton make a good team, because they are both sneaky, cheating, liars.

    You on the other hand I believe judge people differently depending upon their political stripes i.e you disapprove of a teleprompter but rationalize crib notes on a hand. Why the inconsistency?

  4. The Urban Survivalist Says:

    That didn’t bother me at all. During her first speech at the RNC (the one that really sold the American people on her) her teleprompter messed up and she continued on without a blip. When Obama’s teleprompter screws up he gets completely lost. Obama reads speeches. Palin makes speeches. You can’t possibly compare having a few words written on your hand with reading an entire speech, word for word, from a teleprompter. As for the Kourich interview, that was one of the last questions that she was asked as she was getting up to walk off. She was irritated and just wanted to get rid of her. That is blatantly obvious if you watch the interview. I can’t fault her for that.

    What bugs me about Sarah Palin now is the way that she’s campaigning for all of these Republicrats. I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into when she agreed to be McCain’s running mate. Now they’ve got her backed into a corner with all of these backroom deals that she’s made where she’s either going to have to get with the program or fade into oblivion. I don’t know what to think about her these days.

  5. Mel Says:

    Sarah Palin is just an old whore with a stinky pussy and a probable case of the clap and other STD’s. I am not kidding. I was once at a Tea Party event here in Oklahoma where she spoke to us, and when she walked by, her ass STUNK ! I’ll never, ever vote for her again. I don’t think that woman is right with Jesus, and not right in the head either. She needs to see a good doctor and get that pussy diagnosed. And get some good disinfectant. And some Glade deodorizer. After I smelled that shit, my confidence in her presidential abilities really dropped. Can you imagine her giving a speech at the U.N., and all those third-worlders holding their noses, just waiting for her to leave the room. Imagine seeing THAT on TV. I just hope John McCain didn’t stick that thing into her infected unit without using LOTS of protection.

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