Sorrel or clover


Wood sorrel is a tasty wild edible.  It’s so common too that I thought I’d do a post about it.  Many people think wood sorrel is clover.  It’s not.  This is clover.  A useful plant in it’s own right.  You know what clover looks like.  See the round, globe like flower and the oval leaves.


And another picture of clover.

P1010005See the round flower and oval leaves in groups of three.

Now here is wood sorrel.

P1010004You see the heart shaped leaves on wood sorrel.  The yellow things are the closed flowers.  When open the flower is simple five or six petaled.  Now look at the middle picture of the clover.  To the left of the clover is some wood sorrel growing.  You can see the heart shaped leaves.

The leaves of wood sorrel are sour tasting kind of citrusy.  I like them as a trail munch when I’m walking or hiking.  If you have a dry mouth a small handful of leaves will temporarily quench your thirst.  You can make a tea by steeping the leaves in some hot water.   The leaf tea is also good for fevers and UTIs.  A small handful or two of the leaves added to a salad will lend some freshness and zing.  Never over do it when eating wild edibles.  Only eat small amounts of anything you find foraging.  Chewing the leaves is also good for sore throats, mouth sores and nausea.

But don’t believe me, get your own field guides and GET OUTSIDE EVERYDAY!!

12 Responses to “Sorrel or clover”

  1. Fire Engine Roadster Says:

    Fire Engine Roadster…

    Wood sorrel is a tasty wild edible. It’s so common too that I thought I’d do a post abou […]…

  2. Fe3LGuD Says:

    ive been finding it everywhere ever since a friend pointed it out to me, now i know what its called and how to use it, thanks!

  3. St. Patrick’s Day: 5 Things You Need To Know « Jill Archer Says:

    […] is that wood sorrel has heart-shaped leaves and clover does not. Clover leaves are oval. Click here for great pics comparing the […]

  4. dörrgerät Says:


    […]Sorrel or clover « Abraham’s Blog[…]…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Other sites mention that overdoing it will cause health issues. Can anyone provide some information as to how much is too much and what kind of health issues are common to overeating it? Thanks

  6. Anonymous Says:

    great distinction-thanks!

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  8. Anonymous Says:

    The “clover” picture seems to also contain smaller heart shaped plants next to the clover, lame?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    He pointed out below the pictures that the middle clover picture had wood sorrel leaves to the left.

  10. duncan Says:

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  11. Sorrel or clover – another goodie in my garden? | A Bahamian In Austria Says:

    […] the original post complete with pictures showing the difference between the two plants: Sorrel or clover | Abraham’s Blog Should curiousity take over, a quick search will provide more sources than you’ll know what […]

  12. Connie Says:

    This was very helpful… We have this all over our property… Never knew anything about it. Thanks bunches.

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