Meet the new boss Same as the old boss


Well, well, well.  Lookie, lookie, lookie Obama hasn’t brought a whole lot of change so far.  Most of the purported change has been smoke n’ mirrors.

He serves the same master – Moneyed Interests.  He promised middle-class tax cuts and we got $10 a week while the banks got hundreds of billions.

He promised transparency, but is now fighting the release of information related to the US torturing prisoners.

He promised to get us out of Iraq, but will still leave 50,000 troops there while also increasing our presence in Afghanistan by tens of thousands.

May 15th edit WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Obama is planning on Friday to resume the Bush administration’s controversial military commission system for some Guantanamo detainees — which he suspended in his first week in office — according to three administration officials.

If you voted for Obama do you feel taken?

The budget is broke.  The country is bankrupt.  The collapse will continue.  Continue preparing by learning new skills, getting informed, buying extra food, storing extra clothing and non-perishables, buy imported goods now while the US$ still has some value and GET OUTSIDE EVERYDAY!!

p1010098A little waterfall near my house.  Wehn we walk here we say that we are visiting the Waterfall Goddess.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s probably 15+ feet tall.

p1010021You can see that my strawberries are looking good.  I only have a 1/4 acre lot, living in suburbia.  Less than 1/2 is arable because of the house, the patio, the driveway and steep hill.  Still I have a small garden, a ton of herbs, bunches of wild things like lambs quarters, jerusalem artichokes and purslane.  Strawberries don’t take up much space.  If you live in the suburbs you have foundation plants.  Plant strawberries as a living mulch around your foundation plants or in that little patch where grass can’t grow.  You can grow a lot of food on a little scratch patch of land.


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