Cop shot


I always like to say that the only thing worse than cops is knowing that we need them.

Now anyone that’s been reading my blog for a while knows that I’m not a big fan of the police.  They watch what I do.  They inspect me.  They stick their big blue noses in my business.  They wait for me to screw up so they can hassle me.  They’re dying for a reason to interact with me and prevent me from going about my business.  They’re hunters hunting innocent (as well as guilty) citizens.

That being said, a cop was shot a few days ago in Massachusetts.  They got the three alleged scumbags that did it.  I wish that the police shot them all right then and there.  When someone shoots a cop it shows such a disregard for the rules of our civil society that they need to be put down like a rabid raccoon.  If they got the right guys than he is done, execute him or store him in a shabby cell where can can spend a miserable lonely life until he dies, hopefully hungry and cold.

Unfortunately, as the economy continues to deteriorate I expect there to be more violence against the police.

So I thought it would be a good time to post a Powerpoint presentation that the Oakland PD and Coroner’s Office put together after that criminal in Oakland murdered those four cops.  Please note I don’t endorse the Orange County Sheriff Coroner’s Office and they don’t endorse this blog.  Maybe you can learn something.  The last of the slides definitely has some good advice.









And LEOs although I’m not a big fan of the needless interactions with citizens, I respect the job you do and please stay safe out there.

Get outside everyday!

I was out doing my walk and saw three turkey vultures sitting in a couple of trees.  I knew they were turkey vultures by their red heads.  These things are really large birds with maybe a 5-6 foot wingspan.

p1010068And here’s a good shot of the three of them.

p1010071Some people think that they are ugly because they look like vultures.  I think they look just the way they should..perfect.  They eat carrion which I love.

2 Responses to “Cop shot”

  1. oldone Says:

    Thanks for this one.
    BTW, in Florida, they call those big birds “TVs”.

  2. Eli Harman Says:

    I disagree, we don’t need cops. For most of America’s history we have hardly had them at all.

    In 1900 the murder rate was 1 per 100,000. Outside of the largest cities there were very few cops and very few public prosecutors. If people were attacked, they fought back. If they were wronged they personally filed suit against the perpetrators. For the last 100 odd years, government has slowly but steadily eroded people’s self-reliance. Torts, wrongs against specific people, have become “crimes” against society. Government has progressively weakened people’s access to the means to defend themselves.

    Instead of having access to arms, people are forced to rely on government agents who have no legal obligation to protect them. Children are taught in government schools not to fight back, not to stick up for themselves. Police spokesmen and social workers tell people to give criminals what they want, not to resist.

    Let’s compare the two systems. On the one hand, self defence and civil law, on the other hand, police protection and criminal law.

    Say you are a cop and you catch me commiting an infraction for which the punishment is a $20,000 fine or equivalent imprisonment, or you’re a prosecutor building a case against me, you’re going to derive some benefit in terms of your career, honors, accolades etc… if you arrest/convict me, but its not going to be $20,000 worth of benefit. It might only be, say $1000. The problem is obvious, somewhere between $1000 and $20,000 is a happy medium where we can come to an agreement and then go our separate ways.

    With respect to enforcing the law, police and prosecutors are inherently untrustworthy. That is to say, what they are tasked with doing is not the same thing as what they have an incentive to actually do.

    Civil law, is different. If I wrong you to the tune of $20,000 and you come after me in court for that amount plus court expenses, time, trouble, etc…, I can still bribe you, it’s called an out of court settlement. However, you still have to pay me substantially the full amount. Your incentive to do so is to settle as quickly as possible to avoid further courts costs and other expenses, a good thing.

    Now, with respect to self-defense vs. the criminal justice system, the case is equally clear. Self-defence is an immediate threat to criminals. Police are a remote threat. For some crimes, like auto theft, the clear rate is abysmally low. Clear rates for most crimes are dropping Conviction rates are even lower. If conviction happens at all, it happens months or years in the future.

    This is not a credible deterrent to the sort of short-sighted, instant-gratification seekers who choose to become criminals.

    Thus, reducing people’s ability to defend themselves and ramping up policing is only going to make them less safe and more subject to predatory criminals.

    Though violent crime has been trending downward the last few decades, it’s still 6 times what it was in 1900.

    Much of this can be attributed not just to the inefficacy of law enforcement, but directly to its bungles. Alcohol prohibition and the war on drugs have created organized crime, huge black markets, and gang warfare.

    In short, the rise, in America, of ubiquitous law enforcement has been an unmitigated disaster. There isn’t really anything good to be said about cops or their profession. They are simply and completely a menace.

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