The right thing


I got to thinking as I was waiting in traffic.  I was in the long line on the right waiting to go straight.   There were no cars in the left lane to make a left turn.  So you know what happens next, some Ass cuts past everyone waiting and then cuts back in to the lane on the right.  Pissed me off!

So it got me to thinking about doing the right thing.  It’s tough because I see so many people that don’t choose to do the right thing seem to get ahead.  We see tax cheats appointed to presidential cabinets.  There are wheelers and dealers taking billions in bonuses after driving companies into the ground.  People who bought more house than they could afford get a bailout from those of us who didn’t.  We see scam artists cash out with billions in offshore accounts.

It’s hard to continue to try and do the right thing sometimes.  I try to treat every person I meet fairly and act decently in every transaction no matter how small.  Seeing how it seems like just about everyone else these days is looking to lie, cheat and steal their way to the mansion on the hill.  It seems like everyone is looking to exploit every angle all of the time.   One can start to wonder why bother playing by the rules.

Does it seem to anyone else that more people are behaving more badly more often?  There are a lot of rude people out there.

This doesn’t bode well for our society or us, the constant slide into disregard for rules, manners, chivalry, politeness and law.   Men feel no need to hold a door for a lady or an old person.   People disregard saying please or thank you.  As a country we arent’ even really suffering.  Our supermarkets are open.  You can go to Walmart to buy your Cheap Chinese Crap and then call in an order to Pizza Hut.  We still get our mail six days a week.   Banks and markets are open.

The reason I say this doesn’t bode well for us is because I still expect things to get much worse than they are currently.  (Don’t be fooled by the current suckers rally.) If people are behaving so poorly now just think what’s gonna happen when their ATM card doesn’t work, the supermarket shelves aren’t quite as full or they’re out of gas but it’s an odd day and their license plate is even.  (Who remembers that?) The people that are behaving poorly now are going to freak out if things get bad.   Hell, normal polite churchgoing folks will freak out.  And when things get bad enough for Sarah Palin to freak out I don’t want to be around her.

Be careful who you trust.  Keep your preps to yourself.  Keep your mouth shut.  Make sure your kids, wife or husband, roommates, boyfriend or baby’s daddy also know to keep their mouths shut.  Make sure everyone can keep a secret.  You have to be considering not who you can trust in times of plenty, but who you can trust in times of hunger and thirst.  Forget about casual acquaintances or people you only know at work.  I see a lot of bad stuff go down between families, so you even need to think twice about trusting your own family members.   You know those cousins that ain’t quite right, well they ain’t quite right.  When people are hungry they will remember what you gots and they don’t.

Remember, in the end no matter what happens to you, no one can take your honor or reputation from you.  You only lose these by your own acts and deeds.  Treat others fairly and deal fairly, but keep you mouth shut.  Mind you business and keep it to yourself.  Keep others secrets too.  Don’t be a bigmouth.

So looks like my state is going to get some bailout monies.  A lot of it went to law enforcement. WTF!  Almost a billion dollars from the stimulus package is devoted to law enforcement.  It looks like spending for the funds is pretty much unrestricted so the cops are going to be able to buy more cop toys. I appreciate the job that the cops do, but enough is enough.  And the pension package law enforcement gets is crazy.  I saw an article in Forbes a month or so ago that basically said public sector pensions are killing us.  A cop is on the force for 20 years retires at 42 with a guaranteed inflation adjusted pension of $65K a year, full bennies of course too.

Enough is enough.  No more money on law enforcement, drug sniffing dogs, cameras or tactical gear.  Fine, the stimulus passed and the president signed it.  Spend the borrowed money on the people.  People who have lost their jobs, their homes are hungry or cold.

Quite frankly I think that we already are spending more than enough $ on law enforcement.  I came to this conclusion when I realized that cameras were being put up in the intersections around my town. I feel like they’re spying on me.  Oh, I know they tell me that the cameras make me safer.

Anyone else agree with me that law enforcement and the military are already large enough and get more than enough tax money!?!  We need to shrink our military by 80%.

Get outside everyday.

I have a feeling this is our last snow of the season.  I’m looking forward to getting the garden in the ground, but I really do enjoy the snow.

sk14Just a nice snowy trail.

sk16Who couldn’t like the way this tree looks? Goodbye sweet snow.  Well the seasons change an so do I.

11 Responses to “The right thing”

  1. DaveGSO Says:

    While many survivalists are fearing the “Golden Hordes” aka mobs of
    non-whites, it would be a good idea to fear the newly nolonger-affluent.
    Many of these folks got to where they were at by “hook or crook” and they
    wouldn’t think twice in a meltdown about using any means to keep their
    McMansion and Lincoln Navigator ! “Rules…..we don’t need no stinkin’ rules.”
    Abe keep on truckin’ in Taxachussetts.

  2. Mike Says:

    I think it’s fair to say that our society is quite rude. Anyone remember “The 9/11 effect”? That period of unity, courtesy and compassion lasted all of a week or two.

    Sixty years ago, when our country was sneak-attacked the entire country pulled together to build the largest industrial empire in the world and turn the tide of the largest conflict in human history.

    You could say times have changed.

  3. Don Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Seems the bad guys or the shady operators get rewarded (and generally give nothing to charity), while the good people are struggling to raise moral kids and families in an increasingly immoral world. Thanks for the blog, I enjoy reading it.

  4. Hilljack33 Says:

    I grew up in a much more civil country. I was taught manners and generally still use them. But when you come upon someone who has no such restrictions, what are you going to do ? Merely except it ? When people get rude with me I get 100X more rude back to them.

    The point I am trying to make is that civility is a two way street. When dealing with non civil people, the rule book needs to be tossed out of the window.

    If TSHTF, then you need to take off the kids glove and get mean. Leave the “turn the other cheek” stuff with the other baggage. Yes, try being nice and civil, but never forget that if it doesn’t work, you need to get mean. That’s the only way to survive.

    I alway start out nice. But I’ve gotten mean and nasty when the “rules” are not followed. If you are not willing to get up in somebodies face, then you can expect to be trampled on. So my advice is try the civil approach first, if it doesn’t work, open up a can of you know what on them. They might think twice the next time they step out of line…

    Works for me.

  5. McNamys Says:

    “the newly nolonger-affluent” <– they need to be afraid of us – as well as those that caused this calamity.
    Hilljack33 said it spot on

    And thanks again for another great entry – been reading your blog for a good while but felt till now not to chime in – wanted you to know your words mean something to many – myself included – they ring true and they are well understood and much appreciated. I laways look forward to it

    Now outside everyone! Its a tad rainy but still a beautiful day by any standards

  6. Virginia Fergus Says:

    One thing we can do is join the 912 project @

  7. Abraham Says:

    I agree. Anyone that did not prepare will be someone to be weary of.

    I do remember what 9/12 was like. I saw a pickup today that had a flag on the back. I remember after 9/11 seeing a truck with a huge flag flying was a common sight.

    Doing the right thing is tough sometimes. I can’t imagine how some people can sleep at night. Imagine being Bernie Madoff, someone responsible for steering so many to the loss of billions of $’s. How could ya sleep.

    I do tend to treat people the same way they treat me. Except for people that work in the courthouse. Then you have to be nice to them no matter how nasty they get. I don’t know about getting mean. You have to be smart about it and weigh what’s to be gained versus what’s to be lost. Everyday you see on the news people get shot over parking spots or giving someone the finger. I don’t have a problem with backing away slowly from a situation to live to fight another day. Or waiting quietly in the woods while a threat passes by. Once the SHTF one will have to be very careful about getting into confrontations. Developing thick skin will be a survival mechanism.

    Rainy days are some of the best.

    I never heard of the 912project. Good luck with it.

  8. Jaye Says:

    Weird to read your blog today…I visited my mother and we were walking around the small town I grew up in. I was sad and I told her that the way life was going now just wasn’t the way I had imagined it would be when I was younger. I told her how I was started to “prepare” and she told me to “be careful who you trust.” I laughed to myself, knowing this is kind of rule #1 of prepping. I wish I had more neighbors like you…glad I can be your virtual neighbor, at least. Rock on.

  9. watcat Says:

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  10. Meadowlark Says:

    Anybody that potentially puts their life on the line for others (cops, firefighters, military) deserve their pension.

    There are plenty of people out there who wouldn’t do the job, let those who step up to the plate reap the rewards. Because let’s just remind you that the normal 9-5 job doesn’t spend much of the day putting up with the shit that cops and military have to.

  11. Abraham Says:


    I know the way you feel. IMHO the police budget is large enough as is. The benefits they get are over the top. Ditto for the rest of the public sector employees too. My opinion of law enforcement has changed over the past 20 years. Now I look at LE as a national military force. It seems LE more often than not screws with tax paying citizens while the bad guys get away to rob, cheat, rape and steal another day.

    watcat- thanks.

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