Can openers


You gotta have your can openers.  If you are like me you have a fair amount of canned food set aside.  I have a few different can openers.  I bought one at Walmart not that long ago.  I think I paid maybe five bucks for it.  I should have checked it out more before I bought it.  Since day one it has never worked right.  It doesn’t grab the can.

ns10You can see it has plastic handles and the knob you turn is plastic too.  It feels cheap.  It comes from China.  Mayberry had an entry on Cheap Chinese Crap.

He was right about everything he wrote.  Cheap Chinese Crap sucks.  Worst of all is that you can’t depend on it.  The rivet in the center of the Chinese can opener isn’t even a real rivet.  It’s an after thought.  Nothing is lined up right and it shows.  This simple Chinese can opener won’t even do the simply job that it’s designed for.

I twisted it a bit and ….ns11and the handle snapped right off.   I’m telling you a clam could have snapped the handle off this thing.  It’s trash and that is where it now sleeps.

Here’s the can opener that has sat in the draw for years.


This is the one that I’ve had for years.  It’s made in the United States.  It is heavier than the one in made in China.  The handles aren’t an after thought, the rivet is a real rivet that is hammered down, the knob is metal and it’s made in the US. It’s lasted quite a while so far and still works great.

Can openers are too important to worry about saving a few bucks.  You need to have at least a bunch of good ones.  Imagine having a whole bunker of canned goods and having way to open them.  You’d have to resort to using a knife, hatchet or hack saw.   Been there and done that camping.  Someone usually ends up cutting themselves.  A lot of people seem to like the P-38s and P-51s.  I don’t get it though.  Those things are so little.  They’re fine for camping, but I’d suggest having a few regular size ones around the house.  Make sure you try out any can openers that you have.  Next can open I buy I’m going to check out better before wasting even $5.   You can feel the difference between Cheap Chinese Crap and Made In USA quality.

Get Outside Every Night.


Went out skiing at night.  This trail is actually downhill.  You can tell by the way Green Eyed Dog is running.  The full moon is next Tuesday.  Between the moon and the light reflecting off of the snow no headlight is needed.  We were actually casting moonshadows.   I’m being followed by a moonshadow.

ns2Here’s my buddy going down another trail.  The snow was soft.   Once again this trail is much steeper than it looks.  You can see that my buddy is snowplowing.  If you don’t ski, snowplowing is when you form a V with your skis.  It’a way of slowing down and steering.  Not only is the moon waxing, but Venus is also blazing in the west sky.  You can’t let a little night darkness keep you from getting out.

6 Responses to “Can openers”

  1. James Says:

    This is a great post. I been following your blog , since I saw it mention on survivalblog. I know that having that cheap China junk is not good, since when I went camping I had one of those plastic can openers. Luckily I had an old P-38 from my military days. I am amazed at this device I have it since 1990 and it is still works and is never off my keychain.

    I will now purchase quality goods and will pay the extra cash to get something that will last. It is sad that finding American made goods is getting harder and harder to find.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. DaveGSO Says:

    As regards junk from China. I was in Target yesterday and looking at their
    selection of cutlery. The Henckels brand is being made in China – amazing.
    And the prices they want for this stuff – while their making it for pennies
    on the dollar – is a real pisser.
    Thanks for the interesting article on can openers !

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    […] My stores mostly are based on canned foods.  Granted by having a large portion of your food preps based on canned goods that you are giving up the ability to pack it and move fast if need be.  Face it canned food weighs a lot.   Do you have a bunch of GOOD can openers?   Did you see my excellent and the best entry ever ever ever on can openers? […]

  5. Joe Says:

    I was looking for a web site and came across your blog. I hate to inform you that Swing Away has moved to China for their openers as shown in your writeup. I purchased the last two around Christmas that were made in the USA from a local Bed Bath & Beyond store. The remaining openers on the shelf with a smaller rivet were made in China. I am writing the company today.

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