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It seems like whenever I drive in the morning or the afternoon I get stuck behind a school bus.  You know that feeling when you’re in a hurry and you get stuck behind the bus for what seems like three miles and 20 stops?  Why don’t kids have to walk to school anymore?  When I was in elementary school I walked 1.25 miles each way to school.  I was 6 or 7 years old and I was walking both ways to school.  Even in the winter.  When is the last time one of your lazy ass kids walked a mile?  I remember we used to try and take an unauthorized shortcut.  Even back then I hated the System and still do to this day.   It even made no sense to a six year old kid to have to take the long way. If Katie the Crossing Guard caught us taking the shorter unauthorized way there was Hell to pay.

These days you never see kids walking to school, except kids in the city.  Now it seems like every kid gets to take the bus, has a car or get his parents to chauffeur him.  What’s the problem with young Americans?  No wonder kids are so fat these days.  Walking to school is good for kids.  Kids don’t get nearly enough fresh air either today.  And not only does each kid get to take the bus, but the bus stops at the end of every kid’s driveway too.  In middle school I got to take the bus.  I hated it the whole time.  We even had to walk to the bus stop.

Which reminds me, you don’t see kids playing outside anymore either.    Sure you may see kids if they’re playing some organized sport like baseball or soccer, but I never see kids playing street hockey or capture the flag.  This isn’t good either.  My parents couldn’t drag us in from outside.

We have lost our pioneer spirit.  What lazy ass, fat, dumb American now has the guts to head out on a trip like Lewis & Clark? I read we knew more about the moon prior to Armstrong setting foot on it than Lewis & Clark knew about there destination.

We deserve what we reap.

I don’t like the whole school choice thing either.  Stop wasting money on shuttling every kid from one end of town to the other and spend the money on teachers, books and technology.   All cities and towns are poor enough, end school choice.  Even beyond the transportation issue though I don’t like school choice.  Kids should go to schools in their neighborhood.  If the local school sucks than fix it.

Stop driving your kids and make them walk or ride their bikes.    In the long run you’ll be doing your spoiled little darlings a favor.

So Bernanke comes out a week or so ago and says that the economy should turn around later this year then the Fed releases a report saying that the economy is worsening and the recession is deepening. Bernanke obviously has no idea what he is doing.  He isn’t even cognizant of what his own team is doing.  Is he tripping?

The weekly unemployment claims figure just came out – initial claims are still over 600,000 and continued claims are still over 5,000,000.  We’re supposed to be happy because they both dropped by a little bit.  Santelli had an interesting comment that although claims are the highest since 1981 (or something like that) that the workforce is much larger now than it was then.  I feel like asking him is the way we calculate unemployment the same?  No it isn’t.  The government massages the numbers down.  The good folks at Shadow Stats calculate an unemployment rate of near 18%.

My wife works with maybe eight other women.  Over the past year the husband or boyfriend of every single one of them has lost his job at some point.  Ask your own friends, family and neighbors and than let me know if you believe the BS government pablum about unemployment being at 7%.

If you’ve been paying any attention at all, which mean more attention than our Fed chairman, you know things are bad and getting worse.  Act appropriately:

  • Cut your expenses where you can
  • Diversify your income
  • Buy extra non-perishables every week – food, water, candles, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, TP, etc.
  • Stock up a bit on imported things that you buy (which means just about everything) – nothing wrong with having an extra pair or two of jeans, sneakers, boots, BVDs and jackets.
  • Get a firearm and learn how to use it
  • Learn some new skills
  • Get some camping equipment – stove, sleeping bags, tent, cookware, lantern, knives, axe, sleeping pads
  • Have an escape plan – local, state and out of state – make sure your family is in on it and knows what to do.
  • Have battery powered radio/tv/walkie talkies/flashlights and a bunch of batteries
  • Do some Internet research on Get Home Bags and Bug Out Bags.
  • Buy some extra propane or charcoal if that’s what your grill uses.
  • Get Outside Everyday!

Get out everyday!  This is the good and the ugly.

m1Here is the good.  Beautiful sunny, blue sky day.  I was skiing down this trail.  It looks steep, but it is twice as steep as it looks.  I took a good face plant.  Oh well, no falls no balls.  Believe me it was a trudge skiing to the top of the hill.  Although it was maybe 28 degrees out because the high March sun was shining the snow was sticking to the bottom of my skis.  The trail going down is on the northside so it was still fast.

This is the ugly.

m4Had to go into the city yesterday and I saw this smokestack spewing death.  The plume was blowing towards a residential area where poorer people live.  There are many three families and small apartment buildings right downwind of this balck crap.  If you want to talk about survival and you live near where something like this spews poison on you 24/7 move, at least move someplace upwind.  Forget about your survival kit and move someplace safer.

5 Responses to “School bus”

  1. I drive my tractor is pearls... Says:

    Around here, even in the ‘burbs, if you live within a mile of your school, you dont get to ride the bus. Bigger kids ride bikes and Parents walk to pick up munchkins in nice weather and they drive in the rain/cold.

    Its nice to see parents walking and talking with their kids, holding the hands of the little ones…. Restores a little something inside, ya know?

  2. christy Says:

    I really like your no-nonsense approach, but it seems a little harsh here. I don’t have kids in the system (we homeschool), but I wouldn’t let them walk alone to school for safety reasons. Maybe some of these kids are riding for this reason, or maybe it’s because both of their parents are working?
    Thanks for the informative blog.

  3. Jaye Says:

    I had a Sunday paper route from ages 10 – 16. If it snowed, I hauled the papers by sled. If it rained, I took my bike and hurried. It would have to be a hurricane for my father to take me around in his car. And yes, I walked to school all my life.

    We have truly lost our way.

    Thanks for your suggestions and thoughts. I look forward to your blog after a day at the cigar factory…I mean, corporation.

  4. Samuel Adams Says:

    I’m torn. I walked over 1/2 mile to elementary school and about 1 mile to junior high. I read an article about the housing dilemma where in a particular yup-fuck development most of the kids were either chauffeured or had their own ride. Those who took the bus, the shame train, were ridiculed. Almost empty busses at taxpayers’ expense so the yuppie larvae can maintain their upscale images!

    Yet my 2 oldest grandsons (3rd grade and kindergarten) are driven to school by my daughter with my blessing. There have been several incidents of pervs cruising their town, the county seat, trying to pick up kids! Other incidents in other towns. Either reporting of these events is much better than when I was in elementary school in the 60’s or there are may more pervs lurking today. With another grandson and a granddaughter yet to enroll, it frightens me to think of what I would do to anyone who hurt one of them because there just is no limit.

  5. Abraham Says:

    Pearls – it is always nice to see folks out n’ about.

    Christy – the greatest danger to you kids comes from people they know and auto accidents. I would also worry about kids use of the Internet. Violence by strangers against kids isn’t that common, but is great to grab the headlines. BTW I’m not a big fan of home schooling. I am a huge fan of public schools. Public schools are broken and need fixing, but I love the concept of the democratic mixing pot that public schools are.

    Jaye – I had a huge paper route when I was a kid. I actually started working when I was 8 years old hawking papers to people leaving work. Imagine a parent today letting their kid stand in a parking lot and yell, ‘daily news 10 cents?’ Never. Kids just don’t work today. We used to mow lawns, shovel driveways and rake leaves before we were old enough to get working papers.

    Sam Adams – when I was a kid no one wanted to be seen getting dropped off at school by the parents. Being seen with your parents was an embarrassment. We even walked to the malls to hang out.

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