Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!


This news just in 12+ inches of snow.  I couldn’t be happier.  This means at least another two or three weeks of skiing.  I love the snow.  I hate the snowplow, more below.  It can’t snow too much in my mind.  If I woke up tomorrow morning and there was four feet of snow on the ground I would be overjoyed.  I’m not afraid of being snowed in for what a day, a week or a month.  We’d be fine.

special_560x389Are you prepared for the electricity to go out?  Ready to live without lights, heat or a stove for a while?  Got flashlights, batteries and lanterns?  Warm clothing?  Have some fresh water stored or a way to melt snow? A way to stay warm when the heat goes out?  Sand, shovel and jumper cables in the car?  Have candles?  How about way way to open and heat your canned food without electricity?  Got activities to keep you busy – books, games, hobbies or battery radio? Wood, propane & C0leman fuel?   Maybe some booze or beers tucked away?

And look at this list not a single firearm, bullet or high capacity firearm needed.  Spend your money where you want.  Please don’t take this as a dig against firearms.  I love my guns and I think everyone should own a few and daily carry too, but a gun should be just one of the many tools in your toolbox.

Anyways, if you aren’t familiar with snowplows this is what happens, when the snowplows plow the street they leave a big, big pile of snow at the end of the driveway.  And if you aren’t familair with shoveling snow, snow is frozen water, water weighs a lot, shoveling water is heavy, heavy work.  So what happens is you shovel your driveway and just when you finish the plow comes buy again leaves an enormous berm of snow at the end of your drivway.  Everytime the plow comes by it basically plows you in.  So the system is shovel out and get plowed in.  Shovel out and get plowed in.


6 Responses to “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!”

  1. Mike Says:

    They called for a foot near us, but we only got 3-4 inches. How much did you actually get?

  2. Abraham Says:

    I’d say we got about ten inches. Went out skiing today. It was a bee-yoo-tee-full bluebird day.

  3. Meadowlark Says:

    We don’t get nearly enough, sadly.
    But you got me thinking… I could cook without power, but right now it’s set up to be difficult (meaning I’d make Husband do it). Perhaps I need to make it a tad easier in case it falls on me. Thanks for the push.

  4. Abraham Says:

    Meadowlark check Craigslist for Coleman camping stoves. I like the white gas ones. Get a one burner if you need want to bug out with it or the old fashion two burner for cooking at home and car camping. The other nice thing about having a portable stove is that during the summer you can cook outside so you don’t heat your house up. In the old days houses had outside summer kitchens.

  5. Meadowlark Says:

    We have a camp stove but I was thinking I should find my cast iron dutch oven… I have the one you bake in but can’t find the stew one. And I can’t remember where the over-the-fire cooking grate is. Someplace…!!!! famous last words, I know.

    I’m trying to convince him to build me an outside oven… sorta like a “pizza oven” but along the lines of a rocket stove. If that made sense. But either way, I need to figure out where we put those things so they’d be easier to find.

  6. Milton Says:

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    am too happy to share my know-how here with friends.

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