You guys following what’s happening in Cal-eye-forn-eye-aye?  There’s been this ongoing three year drought that’s battering California.  Making a living off the land has always been a tough way to survive.   It seems you either have too much water or not enough water.  I’m happy to be living where I do where lack of water is not an issue.   Water is our lifeblood.  Without abundant fresh water you die and then I take your stuff.   “Economists at the University of California Davis estimate that the drought could cost 95,000 jobs and $2.8 billion in revenue this year. Much of the pain is centered in the San Joaquin Valley, where idle fields idle workers.


This area of the San Luis Reservoir near Gustine was previously underwater but was dried out in January because of drought conditions. (Patrick Tehan / Mercury News)

Because so much food is grown in California on top of everything else, you can expect higher prices for produce in the supermarkets.  “Last year, during the second year of the drought, more than 100,000 acres of the 4.7 million in the valley were left unplanted, and experts predict that number could soar to nearly 850,000 acres this year.  All of which could mean shorter supplies and higher prices in produce aisles – California is the nation’s biggest producer of tomatoes, almonds, avocados, grapes, artichokes, onions, lettuce, olives and dozens of other crops…


Docks at Lake Pillsbury, north of Santa Rosa, sat high and dry in late January because of below-average rainfall. (Associated Press file) -

These pictures are reminiscent of the old black and white pictures from the Dust Bowl years.  This is the result of too many people placing unreasonable demands on nature.   How many swimming pools you figure there are in California?  At a time when food crops are drying and dying could there be a bigger waste of water than all the swimming pools in Southern California?  In the coming years as there are more people and more swimming pools you can expect the water problems out in the Western US to escalate.  I mean look at Vegas too.  There are too many people living in too dry an area to be sustainable.  I wouldn’t ca_dmwant to own property in Nevada.

If you live in California I don’t know what to tell you.  Maybe move someplace there is more water more consistently.

I was out walking the other day and stumbled upon this old piece of what I think is animal hide nailed into a tree.  At first I thought it was a fish, but it looks like deer spine.  That’s what that white thing at the top of the picture is white spine bone.  Not sure what it comes from or why someone would nail it to a tree though.  a17

Does anyone know what this is?

6 Responses to “Drought”

  1. Pickdog Says:

    the Texas drought map is pretty scarry too.

  2. Abraham Says:

    And Nevada too. People shouldn’t be living in the desert or where water needs to be piped for hundreds or thousands of miles to sustain life.

  3. Michael Boone Says:

    I have a daughter and an ex-wife and two grandchildren in Vegas. I hope they have sense enogh to come here if the shit hits the fan.


  4. Jim Shy Wolf Says:

    Not being close enough to fully inspect the thingy- but it looks to me as though someone has set a “quizzer bait” for bobcat/lynx or fox, marten or other fur-bearing carnivore.
    The idea is to hang the bait- a birdwing or piece of meat and it wil attract the critters. Usually a snare is placed near, or a leg hold trap.

  5. Abraham Says:

    Thanks Shy Wolf. It was an odd thing to see in the woods. Not a whole lot of folks hunt around here and the place where this thing was hanging is a no hunting zone. I’ve seen plenty of signs of hunting anyways though. Once the snow melts I’ll have to look around a bit closer.

  6. Tony Says:

    I live in Northern Nevada now but was a Vegas resident for 20 years. Here’s a great article on the water situation in Vegas:


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