Short post today.  Saw the president last night.  I generally like the guy even though I didn’t vote for him.  I mean it’s nice to have someone young in the office.  It’s nice to have someone who has traveled internationally and lived overseas in the office.  It’s nice to have someone smart, who doesn’t weed the opposition out of his public appearances, can address doubters and can speak off the cuff on most issues.

That being said WTF was the point of the big speech last night.  It was a bunch of nothing.  More platitudes and more hollow slogans and empty words.

I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I’d expect the market to go down like 100 points today.  That’s just my feeling based upon the fact that I think the market movers and shakers were looking for a whole lot more and got nothing from BHO other than more grand and flowery oratory.

At some point you gotta stop talking about swimming and dive in the pool and get wet.

3 Responses to “BHO”

  1. Ned Puddleman Says:

    Obama is nothing more than a black Jimmy Carter. If you remember what it was like during Carter’s reign of terror then you are going to love what BJC is going to bring.

    Traveled internationally? Heck, he was born in Kenya and traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport.

    Speak off the cuff? You have to be kidding me. Have you listened to him when the teleprompter isn’t around?

  2. Jaye Says:

    Well, he is rather…academic. I’m thinking 4 years of a college professor isn’t going to quite do it for Wall St. But what do I know?

  3. Abraham Says:

    Ned – we all see what we want. I look in the mirror and I see beauty. You look at me and you see ugliness. I’d venture to guess that you are a partisan ideologue and because of that I know that your mind is more or less closed shut so it’s waste of effort to try and discuss things. You have your hard opinions and that’s just the way it is. Remember though, it’s the inflexible that snaps in the wind.

    Jaye – I don’t know. A lot of the folks on Wall St have gone to the best private schools their whole lives. I think they have an affinity for BHO and he for them. The way I figure things don’t change, the rich have the lobbyists, the rich make the large contributions and are able to influence legislation. There’s no one lobbying for the workers.

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