Work available


Ok, lots of people are looking for more work.  The US Census is taking place real soon.  The Census Bureau is hiring gobs of people.  Check out this website.

Many jobs are available.  I heard that they pay well, upwards of $15 an hour.  Part-time and full-time are both available.  You can also try out to be a supervisor or recruiter.  Most of them are temporary jobs.

The field reps go to specific houses in your own neighborhood and interview the occupants.  This is in your own neighborhood so you may not even need a car.  Plus, even better it’s a great way to meet your neighbors.

The first step in applying is to go to that website and find out the phone number for your regional office.  Then you call the regional office and schedule to take an assessment/test.  The test lasts for 30 minutes.  It has 28 questions on it.  It was harder than I was expecting, but nothing to get worked up about.  You don’t get paid to take the test, but if you get hired you do get paid to take the training.

You can fill out a PDF application and I-9 on-line and print them out to bring with you to the assessment.

Good Gubmint job at good Gubmint wages.  Don’t delay and good luck.

ws32This is a buddy taking the fall line down.  I love this picture because of the snow flying up behind him.  It really gives you a sense of speed.  Whoosh.  BTW, that’s Green Eyed Dog.  He feels the need to get in every picture.

ws33Sharp curve to the right at the bottom of the hill.  If you haven’t tried skiing, you gotta.  To me it feels like flying.


2 Responses to “Work available”

  1. Off Grid Survival Says:

    Kinda scary when the only one hiring is the government

  2. Geoff Ross Says:

    When they come to my house the only info they get is the number of people living at the address. When they start asking other questions they will be shown the door.

    The Constitution allows for a headcount every ten years to apportion representatives. It does not allow for other intrusive questions.

    I have already refused to complete the questionaire they sent several years ago other than to list the number of residents.

    Any information you give to the government WILL be misused, count on it.

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