I love these things.  oversockpkg1If you spend any amount of time outside you need to get yourself a pair of SealskinzSealskinz are some sort of hightech sock.  They’re rugged and keep your feet dry through the worst of weather.  With a pair of Sealskinz any pair of boots, sneakers or shoes become waterproof.  Anytime that I go skiing a put a pair of these on and my non-waterproof boots are made waterproof.  No doubt they are expensive, but what’s the cost of wet, cold feet?  I think that they are about 15 bucks a pair.  I seem to remember I got three for thirty.  The same company also makes gloves and other products. legintank I did use the gloves one day when I used a wetsaw to cut tile outside during the winter.  The gloves did a very admirable job.  After six or seven hours of cutting tiles the gloves did eventually soak through, but even then they kept me fairly warm.  If you hunt, ski, hike, fish, mountain bike or camp you should check out Sealskinz.  And besides working well, they are made in the USA!!

And YOU need to get outside everyday…

q111I like this picture because you can see the crap that some little creature has been cleaning out of the hollow of this tree.  Seems like it would be a good place for a snare if one was in a desperate survival situation.

was5Just an old chimney where a homestead once was.  Now the snow covers the ancient footprints.

5 Responses to “Sealskinz”

  1. Ramon Says:

    As for the old chimney, there used to be several around where I lived. I remember my step-father telling me such things as “That used to be the old Johnson place. It burned during the late 40s and he died.” Now they are no longer around after being buldozed out during some clean up or another. Sad in many ways.

  2. Mike Says:

    Those gloves/socks look great, I’m ordering some tonight when I get home.

    Thank you!

  3. Fred Says:

    Stupid question, but do you wear the Sealskinz next to your foot, or over your socks ?

  4. Abraham Says:

    I don’t like wearing cotton socks when it’s cold out just in case the cotton gets wet. But if I’m doing the SealSkinz thing I’ll wear plain old white cotton socks right under the Skinzs. It works great. You know what else would work great would be like a poly sock liner.

  5. Chris Fredrikson Says:

    Im a big fan of SealSkinz Gloves I have these all season gloves, they’re warm comfy and I wear them for both walking and running!!

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