The Police


They’re not there to help you.  The police are your enemies.    The police are the sole of the shoe of the jack boot of government.  And they like nothing more than putting it into the back of a citizen as they grind the citizen worker’s face into the pavement.

There was an armed robbery at a car wash in Portland, Oregon. The car wash attendant shot the hapless robber in the face with a pressure washer and the robber ran off.  Hahaha.  All’s well that ends well, right?081230_robbery_best

the hero

The men in blue are summonsed  I guess to take a report and they must have run a background check on the hero slash victim slash vigilante. Well it turns out that the victim/vigilante had his own run in with the law seven or so years ago for a DUI.   So what do the police do?

They arrest the guy, the employee who saved the day, who saved his boss from being robbed.  They arrest the guy who chased off an armed robber without hurting anyone or getting hurt.  They arrest the guy who practices a little atom of street justice.  They arrest the guy who did what the police are incapable of doing.

Blah, blah, blah if you defend it or enable you  are are just as bad.  Save your excuses for someone who cares to enable the growing black cloud of government intrusion.  It ain’t me babe. (B. Dylan 1964)

Jeesh, maybe next time our hero (and other potential heroes who read the story) may not be so willing to get involved.

The police are your enemies.  The police have one thing in mind and that is to *uck with us citizens.

Clang, clang, clang go the handcuffs.  Spray, spray, spray goes the mace.  Bang, bang, bang go the bullets.  Fist, knee, elbow to the citizen’s face.

Don’t speak with them.  Don’t answer their questions because it will be used against you.  All the modern day police care about is making their numbers, busting citizens, throwing people in the can, getting the fines and fees and seizing as much property as possible.  Did you know that your local police get to keep the proceeds gained from the sale of seized property? Then they get to buy more cool black police toys.  Oh, how they like to use all of their cool black police toys because it makes them feel like big men.  You know the black police boats, the black police bikes, the black police ATVs, the black $500,000 command centers, their cool black tazers and so on.

Man how the police love to trot out their cool black police toys.  How they love to put on their elbow and knee pads, bust windows and kick in doors.

I have regular interaction with law enforcement and the court system.

My advice-

Our Great, Grand and Glorious Constitution protects us.  The cops need a reason to search your house.  They need a reason to pull your car over.  They need a reason to get you out of your car.  They need a reason to stop and question you.  They need a reason to search your person.

If the police show up at your house don’t ever let them in unless they have a warrant.

If the cops want to speak to you step outside and speak to them on the stoop/steps of your pad.  Once you invite the cops inside they’re like rats, rodents and roaches looking around your house for some reason to hassle you.  (Come on angry LEOs reading this post.  You know it’s true.  Help your fellow citizens.) They’ll walk away from the front hall of you place to explore other rooms too.  While you’re talking to the cop they’ll walk down the hall to the bedrooms or go into the living room.  You can’t let this happen.  Never let em in unless they have a warrant.

Cops are like vampires.  They can’t come in unless invited.

If you get pulled over remain polite, but answer as few questions as possible and answer as simply as possible.  Don’t tell them anything.  One answer, even if said innocently, leads to more questions.  Don’t give them anything to use against you.  They are professionals.  Anything that you say will make it into their report and then recited in court to be used against you.

I read a police report the other day, “I activated my blue lights and the Mercedes SUV drifted over into the travel lane and then drifted into the breakdown lane.”  BS!! See this is what they do.  What happened was that the officer activated his blues and the SUV pulled over just as he should have.  The way the officer is framing the facts though is that the driver of the  SUV did something wrong by ‘drifting’.

Don’t argue.

They need a reason to pull you over.  Don’t give em any reasons.  Check the lights of you car – brakes, headlights, turn signals and license plate.  Make sure that they all work all of the time.  Just like a pilot walking around his plane for the pre-flight check.  You gotta do it.  If you live in a must wear seat belt state then wear your seat belt or risk interacting with Agents of Our Government.  The cops are looking for a reason to pull you over.  Don’t give them one.

The answer to the question, “have you been drinking?” is always NO!  It’s not I had just one.  One never means one.

Don’t give them a reason to get you out of your car.  “I only had one” is enough of a reason to remove you from your car.  Then it gets easy for them – “unsteady on your feet, swaying, bloodshot eyes, smell of booze, thick tongued, slurred words.” They can make it up.  And they do. And they do.


The answer to the puke, crap, piss question, “well if you have nothing to hide you won’t mind having me take a look”  is always – “I’d prefer not” or “do you have a warrant” or “I do not consent to a search” or “I’d like to speak with my attorney before I agree to anything.”  If possible voice your non-consent loud enough for passerby and witnesses to hear you.

If they threaten to bring a drug sniffing dog out if you don’t consent then let them do their job.  Your lawyer can argue about it later.  They need a reason to stop you, remove you from your car, prevent your free movement and get a dog.  If their reason isn’t adequate your lawyer may be able to get any evidence tossed later on.  Even if you have nothing to hide never consent to a search. We have to keep Our Government honest.

The big thing in our putatively free democracy is “Custodial Interrogation.”  Once you are in “Custodial Interrogation” all of your Constitutional rights kick in.  In most states the key whether you are in “Custodial Interrogation” is whether you are free to leave.  Therefore, the question to always ask any cop who is preventing you from going about your business is, “am I free to leave?”  Always, ask the cops that question, “am I free to leave?”  If you’re not free to leave then they gotta read you your rights.  If they violate this you walk.  We gotta keep Our Government honest.

A lot of innocent people are locked up every year.  A lot of innocent people get beat up by cops every year.  A lot of innocent people are hassled, have their possessions searched or destroyed or have their sacrosanct rights violated by the police every year.

If the police hassle you without a reason or if you feel like you’ve been a victim of police abuse then call the local chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (“NLG”).

Interesting history with the NLG.  The American Bar Association didn’t allow black attorneys to join as recently as the early 20th century.  The NLG formed in response to that.  The NLG is the oldest national bar association that does not discriminate based upon race.

p1010110The view from the top of one of the little  “bumps.”

p1010112This is one of the trails down.  It is steeper than it looks.  This is expert cross country skiing.  Good times.

8 Responses to “The Police”

  1. Survivalist News » Abraham’s Blog: The Police Says:

    […] The Police « Abraham’s Blog They’re not there to help you. The police are your enemies. The police are the sole of the shoe of the jack boot of government. And they like nothing more than putting it into the back of a citizen as they grind the citizen worker’s face into the pavement. […]

  2. Natog Says:

    Good post. I’ve been the target of LEO abuse of power a few times. I’ve been dragged to a police station and beaten up without being arrested. As a youth, I learned sometimes it’s better just to keep your mouth shut. I told the cop I didn’t consent to a search, that’s why I got my ass beat.

    About 3 years ago my house was robbed. The cops did nothing to look for the perps. I was the one looking on pawn shops for my crap. Freaking useless pigs.

  3. Mayberry Says:

    Excellent, EXCELLENT post! Cops around here have never been anything more than revenue generators for the city. My only responses to them are always “yes sir” or “no sir”. If I can get away with it, I’ll say nothing more, and I NEVER consent to a search without a warrant!

  4. Samuel Adams Says:

    The cops who responded to the armed robbery couldn’t return empty handed, so they ran the victim; a fishing expedition. I remember about 10 years ago when a guy who worked with me on a military base saw a fire in a barn on his way to work at zero-dark-thrity. He reported it and the police kept him at the scene while the firefighters knocked down the fire. It seems he was their prime suspect because he happened to drive by, see the flames and report it to 9-1-1! He said he would never report a fire again!

    You’re right, Abraham. It’s all about closing cases, clearing their backlog. Numbers mean state and federal grants for more cool toys. And don’t forget asset forfeiture!

    I lost all respect for cops after the Columbine incident. To have a SWAT team in the school yard in a tactical group hug while kids are being slaughtered because no one took command is ludicrous. They said they didn’t know who the actors were. THE KIDS SHOOTING THE GUNS WERE THE ACTORS, THOSE CRYING, RUNNING, BLEEDING AND DYING WERE THE VICTIMS! Even if they are dressed in Kevlar, black BDUs and carry web gear full of toys and MP5s, they are still pussies in a firefight!

  5. Abraham Says:

    Sad. I wonder what happened and how the change took place. Growing up I never felt the way about cops that I do now.

    Could the cops of old have been better at it? Less intrusive or agressive?

  6. Sean Says:

    I was a witness of a car wreck once and was surprised that one of the drivers (in an overturned Nissan Titan, purchased largely, I’m sure, for compensatory reasons) was a cop. He had run a red light and slammed into the passenger side of some poor black guy in a Camry. He wasn’t hurt (badly) thank God, but the cop kept wanting me to say that I had seen the other guy running the light. I’m sure a few good people are cops, but many are nothing more than useless “Pig Fuckers” (Hunter S. Thompson’s term) who took the job to bully the weak and use their badge and gun to hassle everyone. They collect revenues by hassling motorists and many couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with their sidearms. Fuck the police!

  7. Samuel Adams Says:

    I think cops of the past, although there are assholes in every career, really took their job seriously and wanted to make a positive difference. They weren’t insulated from the communities they served by patrol vehicles and technology because they actually parked them and walked the neighborhood. Today they can drive through a Wal-Mart parking lot and run license tags (a prototype technology does this automatically!) until they find someone who didn’t pay a traffic fine or missed a child support payment and wait for him to return with their kids in tow. That makes me sleep soundly at night knowing that I’m protected from scofflaws!

    I think that many today were either the class bully in school or are trying to get back at the world because they were themselves bullied!

  8. jason kenny Says:

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

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