Zombie bikers


Stop imagining yourself shooting at hoards of rabid, zombie bikers.  Just stop it.  Life isn’t a video game.  Sure, you have 10,000 rounds stored, but don’t you think someone else may be shooting back at you?  At some point someone else is going to get lucky.  That may leave a mark.

I guess we all have different priorities and the priorities we set for ourselves kind of dictates our plans and goals.  I like Rawles Survival Blog, http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://www.survivalblog.com/.  I read it just about every day.  Honestly though, I think Mr. Rawles is too focused on the shoot em up kind of survival.

Personally, if I had money to burn it would be nice to have a big gun collection.  I don’t have limitless cash so I have to develop plans and goals for things I may want to acquire.

As I always like to say you have to think about what is most likely to happen and build your plans around that.  I mean why spend 99% of your time, energy and $ preparing for something that may have hardly any chance of occurring?

That’s why I wear my seatbelt, have smoke, CO detectors and a fire extinguisher and am careful with the wood stove, power tools and ladders.

If you have limited resources, like most of us, than how many firearms and how much ammunition do you really need?

If you’re buying all kinds of tactical clothing, BDUs, Alice and Molle bags and gear and are preparing to get all soldiered up for TEOTWAKI in my humble opinion I think that you may be preparing for the wrong sort of operations.    It is very difficult for me to see the type of event happening that would allow citizens to walk the streets in full gear with rifles or shotguns.  Even during earthquakes, riots and hurricanes you see folks get arrested for brandishing (that’s showing a gun in public) or get their firearms seized by the PTB.

As for bugging in and shooting it out with bad guys, have you ever seen how easy a rifle round goes through wood and plaster walls?  If you picture yourself hiding behind a wall or door and shooting out the windows you’re gonna get shot right through the wall or door. The sheet metal of your car offers no protection.

I don’t care how well you think your house is secured, the bunker mentality is suicidal.  You can be burned out.  Ever see how well a gasoline filled bottle works?  A vehicle can be driven into you house.  During a siege those on the outside can just wait you out.  On 12/3/2008 Dragon had an interesting take on roadblocks.  Stationary targets = death. http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://circleoftheoroborous-dragon.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2008-12-05T11%3A21%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=5 In case you need me to point it out to you your home, house, castle, trailer, cabin is stationary.  There is no way you can defend against committed attackers.  Someone will jsut wait for you to leave to get some more wood or water and then you are done.

I think what we’re all seeing is a slow slide.  That’s what we need to prepare for.  It seems like we’re going to continue our period of deflationary pressures followed by some serious inflation.

Personally, if you have the self-defense and hunting basics covered (shotgun, rifle, 22 and one or two handguns) I think that you are better off buying a bullet proof vest, protective masks and Quickclot.  Of course this is only after you have 1. Water 2. Food 3. Shelter 4. First Aid all taken care of.  In the correct order by the way.  I think someone would be absolutely nuts to buy any ammo at all prior to purchasing two water filters.  And of course all the preps in the world are useless junk if you don’t eat right, exercise and take care of yourself.

Here’s to laying low, being quiet, not being noticed and not becoming a target in the first place.

Get out everyday!!

Gittin out pics-

mountain3The road of good intentions…this is one of the ways up.  Classic old fashioned New England skiing.

Game trail

Game trail

This is some game trail through the woods.  Notice how the leaves are packed down.  Click on the pic if you want to expand it.  If I was hungry and wanted to trap something this trail looks like it may be a good place, with some more preparation, to set up some snares.

31Ski trail down.  This is much steeper than it looks.  I’m talking 30 degree angle.  Classic old fashioned New England skiing.  Extreme expert skiing.


5 Responses to “Zombie bikers”

  1. Dean Says:

    I have to agree with your opinion of the Rawle’s site. Not only is he infatuated with big expensive gun’s,he seem’s to make a pretty good living from blogging,between his auction’s and ad revenue,commission’s and such.Maybe I’m just jealous! I also agree,I doubt there will be wild horde’s of zombie’s,I believe it will just be a decline into the next,current,whatever long term depression. Get skill’s or a valuble trade for the time to come.

  2. finnjaevel Says:

    Dear Sir, that was the sanest preparedness article I have read in a long time. I do read a couple of blogs on the subject and zombiehunters.org too. The one thing that bothers me about all of them is they seem all to be concentrated on arming yourself and getting thousands of dollars worth of “tactical” gear, guns and shitloads of ammo when everybody should be thinking about getting their families safely & quietly out of harm’s way instead of shooting themselves to kingdom come. Too bad shooting the assault rifle dressed in soldier gear seems to be that much cooler than really preparing physically and mentally for anything. Shame on all of them.

  3. theotherryan Says:

    You’ve got something of a point. After a basic four (rifle, .22, pistol, shotgun) and maybe a fifth weapon (another rifle or a concealable pistol) more guns are probably not necessary to have one or two people well armed. For an extra person or two they need a rifle and a pistol to protect themselves but you don’t need to go plinking with .22’s at the same time.

    For me gun collecting is a hobby. I figure it is better to have a bunch of guns and bullets then stamps or numismatic coins or baseball cards.

  4. Samuel Adams Says:

    I agree about going overboard with guns & ammo. I have read some blogs where individuals had tens of thousands of rounds of ammo and a room full of weapons. I wouldn’t mind being in that situation but I would rather maintain an extremely low profile and avoid a firefight. To those with beaucoup guns and ammo I have one question: Just what is an acceptable amount of casualties when your family is involved?

    I have also read where others had almost every type of radio system. After TSHTF will they be conversing with our ballistic nuke subs or the crew of a missile site? One has to make a threat assessment, rank the threats in order of probability and prepare for the most probable. Unless you live in an abandoned SAC missile silo you are probably not going to be prepared for every contingency. Do the best you can with what you have.

  5. Real Self Reliance » The Self Reliant Web Digest #3 Says:

    […] Zombie Bikers (Abraham’s Blog) – Just a reminder, here. There will most likely never be a crisis in your life where you have to mow down thousands of rabid zombies. But there may very well be one where you need food and water. […]

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