After X-mas sales


After X-mas sales are a great time to buy stuff.  I just got back from Walgreens.  They have 12″ taper candles on sale for 12 cents each.    That’s like 4 cents an hour for candle light.  Not bad.  You can also find other things on sale that are good to add to your preps such as batteries and clothing.

A lot of holiday foods are on sale too like canned pumpkin, dried fruits, canned pie fillings, brown sugar, canned and powdered gravies and condensed milk.

You should also be able to get good deals on clothing and sporting goods like sleeping bags, camping cookware and tents.

All the retailers are looking to shrink their inventory.

As you know you always have to pay attention to price.  Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good buy.  As everyone knows, the best way to save money is not to buy something in the first place.

28Wasp nest.  You can see where the wasp pecked a hole to find his way to freedom.

24This is a princess pine.  Everyone has seen these on the floor of the forest.  They look like little pine trees.  They’re not pine trees at all though.  Princess pine is more a moss than a tree.  Tea from the leaves is a diuretic so the tea is good for kidney and bladder infections.


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