Mexican meltdown


What’s going down in Mexico?  No one likes to live next to noisy or nosy neighbors. They keep you up.  They litter and make a mess.

Things are going to Hell in a hand basket down there and quickly.  I recently read an excellent article in Forbes that explained how Mexico is basically under the control of four different drug lords.  Killers go into hospitals and kidnap or threaten doctors and murder people right in the operating rooms.  “Hit men pursuing rivals into intensive care units and emergency rooms. Shootouts in lobbies and corridors. Doctors kidnapped and held for ransom, or threatened with death if a wounded gunman dies under their care. With alarming speed, Mexico’s violent drug war is finding its way into the seeming sanctuary of the nation’s hospitals, shaking the health care system and leaving workers fearing for their lives while trying to save the lives of others.”

There are shootouts almost every day between the Mexican Army and drug lords.  “ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) — Ten suspected traffickers and a soldier were killed in gunbattles Sunday in a southern Mexican state plagued by drug violence.” and a few days later “ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) – Three gunmen are dead following a shootout with Mexican army troops in the southern state of Guerrero.State authorities say that police found two assault rifles, two pistols, a grenade and a bag of what appeared to be cocaine in the suspects’ vehicle. Mexico has been hit by a rising wave of drug-fueled violence, and officials estimate that more than 5,300 people have died so far in 2008.”

5,300 people, wow.  The killers, “Gunmen had pulled alongside the forest-green Chevy Tahoe on a gritty downtown street and, in broad daylight, pumped 52 shots into where the bodies now lean.” Ten people are day are being killed in Juarez.,0,634780.story

Mexican consumers are buying less goods made north of the border and the automakers are shuttering some factories in Mexico too. The economic outlook for trade between the US and Mexico is not bright.

As you can imagine tourism is crashing and the US Department of State is now warning Americans about travel to Mexico. And of course Americans are being kidnapped for ransom.  “Batista, a U.S. citizen who works for ASI Global, a Houston-based security company, is a prominent expert on how to avert kidnapping. Ironically, he was nabbed in the industrial city of Saltillo after giving antiabduction seminars to businessmen…” Ironic.,8599,1867138,00.html?imw=Y

So we have drug lords increasing their power and hold over Mexico.  The oil fields in Mexico are producing less and less oil.  Mexican production peaked in 2004 and since that time has fallen by 15%+.  In addition, with the decline in commodity prices,  and oil in particular, revenues of the Mexican government are falling.  They expect Mexican GDP to shrink.

How often do we see unrest in one country spread to its neighbors?  It’s never good to have 100 Million hungry, poor, desperate people right next door.

I see radical change in Mexico, civil unrest or a return to Mexican totalitarianism as distinct possibilities.  The last “election” really pushed the envelope.  I don’t think that the Mexisheeple will take it on the other cheek.

Why should this concern US in general or you if you live near the southern border?  Where do you think a million or ten million Mexicans will flee to if the SHTF in Mexico?  Yup, right over the border into the southern US.  Those of you in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and southern Cali who think you safely removed yourself from civilization may be in for a big surprise if a flood of poor, hungry refugees crosses the rivers and deserts.

If things get much worse in Mexico beware that it could spread north.  And we have no way to stop a mass migration anymore than we can prevent the thousands that now cross illegally every day.

Got enough beans to share with your Mexican neighbors?

Get outside every day-


Junipers in snow





8 Responses to “Mexican meltdown”

  1. JimShyWolf Says:

    (Stuffing tongue into cheek now.)
    Very intriguing- let’s all boogie down to Mexico before TSHTF. Might be safer than here, for sure.
    May help to always be packing heat when visiting border towns.
    Nice pix, too- like the outdoor shooting.

  2. Marie Says:

    Hotdogjam, Yours is quickly becoming one of the best survival blogs going! I read it faithfully, so please keep your wisdom and the outdoor pics coming.

    Having lived in every one of our border states, I have seen for many years the impact of illegal immigration. I agree with your predictions and what unrest in Mexico could mean in the U.S. I would take it further, however, and suggest that a massive influx would gravely impact a MAJORITY of the U.S., not just the border states. Just looking at sheer numbers and doing the math, we could be facing civil unrest at some point down the road.

    Thanks for the beautiful snowscapes. If you ever conduct an outdoor education class – sign me up!

  3. Survivalist News » Abraham’s Blog: Mexican meltdown Says:

    […] Mexican meltdown « Abraham’s Blog What’s going down in Mexico? No one likes to live next to noisy or nosy neighbors. They keep you up. They litter and make a mess. […]

  4. hotdogjam Says:

    Thank you Jim and Marie!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    need realy more information for understanding this drug war the pronçblem is with de northern neighbor who is de main consumer of drug of the world and the one who sell de weapon to the mexican cartels

  6. anonimo Says:

    I agree with you

  7. V Says:

    Nice entry, but I agree that maybe you need more information about Mexican war against drugs and organized crime. Criminals are not only mexicans, criminals come from all around the world because they’re interested in the major drugs consume: U.S. I think this war would be fighted by both countries, tell me, what happens in US when your neighbor has problems and needs your help? Here in Mexico we try to help our neighbor, specially if the problem affects us too.

  8. Debrah Curlin Says:

    I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll bookmark your site.

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