Why is it-

The banks get a bailout 100 times what the autos wanted?

The banks get to pay dividends to their shareholders with taxpayer funds, but the autos are prohibited from doing so?

The banks get to give bonuses with taxpayer funds, but the autos are prohibited from doing so?

The banks get no strings attached, but the autos needed detailed plans?

The banks get the money for years, but the autos have to pay it back in 90 days?

The banks don’t have to make any changes, but the auto workers need to make huge concessions?

Why the current administration loves the banking, lending class, but hates the working, manufacturing class?

“In announcing the plan, Bush said the companies’ workers should agree to wage and work rules that are competitive with foreign automakers by the end of next year.  Under the White House plan, the government will …in effect partially nationaliz[e] the industry.”

4 Responses to “Bailouts”

  1. J.A.H. Says:

    globalization is anti-unionism

  2. theotherryan Says:

    I would say connections but unions have those also. Maybe being farther ahead in the begging line was significant. I do think one significant difference is that while the banks made (to simplify things a bit) one very poor choice they are essentially sound businesses. The big three have been very sick for a very long time. Maybe this whole current economic mess brought their issues up quicker but they were unavoidable without a major shift in the direction of their business models.

  3. JimShyWolf Says:

    Actually, I think the reason is simply the masses are pist enough at the bank bailouts the feds are trying to show they are ‘listening’ to the people- which we know is bullshit. Just like the stipulation the automakers give up their jets- what kind of crock of bullshit is that? Asshole Algoreys fly all over the world pissing an’ moaning about global warming and how our ‘footprint’ is too full of carbon- while flying all over in their private planes. Of course- they buy the carbon off-sets so that makes it OK. What a bunch of hypocritical sonsofbitches.
    well, you get the idea how much I hate those c…sucking …
    Dang, not gonna apologize for being pist at those unConstitutional as…….

  4. susan Says:

    people should be held accountable for bad decisions they have made.those wall street goons should not be getting bonuses they should be getting pink slips.

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