Our government


For the people, of the people and from the people.  Interesting concept in dreamland.  Application of our supposed democratic republic in reality though, well that’s something different.

From the movie Independence Day:

“PRESIDENT: I don’t understand. Where did all this come from? How did this get funded?

MOISHE You didn’t think they actually spent ten thousand dollars for a hammer and thirty thousand for a toilet seat, did you?”

Do you?

Article I, § 8 of the Constitution is pretty clear, Congress gets to spend the money.  It’s part of the separation of powers.  That’s why the line item veto is unconstitutional.  Allowing the president the authority to veto specific items in an appropriations bill is akin to empowering the executive to controlling the purse strings. Clinton v. City of New York, 524 US 417 (1998) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinton_v._City_of_New_York

The Constitution requires bicameralism (both houses of congress have to approve a bill) then the bill needs to be presented to the chief executive for him to sign, veto or do nothing(pocket veto).  There aren’t that many options.

If you prefer to keep your head buried in the sand then stop reading now and go read the comics.  I call them the way I see them.

So what happens when things get fakakta (that’s yiddish for pooh, not Winnie.)?  That was the problem with Iran/Contra.  Congress didn’t approve the action or the financing so there were no checks and balances in place.  No oversight.  The president at that time did it all.

This is where it’s going to get crazy, and quite frankly unbelievable.  I don’t want to believe it.

What am I trying to get at?  What if I told you that elements within our government may be running illegal drugs in order to fund black operations?  Do you get that, that rogue elements within our government could be running illegal drugs in order to fund operations without congressional approval or oversight?  It’s illegal.

Now the president’s “extraordinary rendition” program is well known.  You know the program where we take suspects and fly them out to countries like Eqypt and Syria in order to be tortured.  Yup, that’s right we even outsource torture now.  You might ask yourself why if Syria is on the list of those who get a lump of coal do we send prisoners there.  Interesting, huh?

“Outsourcing Torture – The secret history of America’s “extraordinary rendition” program.” http://www.newyorker.com/archive/2005/02/14/050214fa_fact6

So you got that so far?

So what would you think if some of the CIA planes that were used to transport suspects to be tortured in Syria or to Gitmo were later found crashed with tons of cocaine on them?  Well I hope you’d find that interesting to say the least.

Let me put it together for you again, elements within our government may be smuggling illegal drugs in order to fund black operations without congressional oversight.

I’m sorry to maybe open your eyes to what your own government is doing.  It’s terribly disheartening when we have spent so much $ and ceded so many of our civil liberties to the War on Drugs to only discover that our government could be at the center of it, or at least directly involved.

Do you doubt it, then let me know.

“MEXICO CITY (AFP) — A private jet that crash-landed almost one year ago in eastern Mexico carrying 3.3 tons of cocaine had previously been used for CIA “rendition” flights, a newspaper report said here Thursday, citing documents from the United States and the European Parliament.  The daily said it had obtained documents from the United States and the European Parliament which “show that that plane flew several times to Guantanamo, Cuba, presumably to transfer terrorism suspects.”


This is some crazy Shiite, huh?

CIA Torture Jet wrecks with 4 Tons of COCAINE


The last rays of sunlight glint off its wings of the plane, which looks for all the world as if it were carry potentates from the US Department of Homeland Security to a conference on drug interdiction at a posh Cancun hotel.

Except this plane isn’t carrying diplomats or FBI agents…

Instead, it is loaded with 128 identical black leather suitcases, each tightly packed with cocaine, an incredible quantity of cocaine, 5.5 tons in all. Stenciled on the side of each suitcase was a single word: Privado.

Inside the suitcases, the packages of cocaine were stamped with different symbols: a scorpion, a star, a horse, among others, as though they were going to different drug gangs for onward smuggling up through Mexico to the U.S.”


“A Beechcraft Super King Air 350 (N675BC), registered to a suspected CIA front, Aviation Enterprises, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware, was recently spotted alongside a Russian-made AN-124, suspected of being a major drug transport cargo plane, in Colombia.

The “specially configured” King Air flew from Tampa to Guantanamo Bay on October 22, 2007. From 2002 to 2006, the King Air was registered to Prewitt Leasing Inc. of Bedford, Texas.”


The Real Drug Lords
A brief history of CIA involvement in the Drug Trade
by William Blum


6 Responses to “Our government”

  1. Dean Says:

    Not in an attempt to discredit any of this,but the GAO really DOE’S pay 10k for a toilet seat! As a machinist in the DoD field for many year’s,I’ve seen dumber with them! You need to remember,that seat was made for a B1 bomber or such…how many of them are there? How often do they replace them? When they do,they only order 2 or 3. There is a discount in volume! Would you build a toilet seat factory for 2 or 3 a year? Granted,they should have designed it from the beginning to use a home depot seat! Due to the hoop’s they make every supplier jump thru,it really cost’s that much! I remember making a brake bleeder for an F-15.. A little brass fitting we made,about 5 feet of plastic tubing,and a Snap on wrench cut in half.We made them for under 10 buck’s each,complete, but sold them for 150 a set! Most of the cost went into special packaging,per “mil spec”,special sized boxes,packing material,so on. And when the next bidder undercut’s you by a dime next time,everyone decide’s it’s not worth bidding on,so they take the highest offer.. it’s a vicious circle!

  2. Survivalist News » Abraham’s Blog: Our government Says:

    […] Our government « Abraham’s Blog For the people, of the people and from the people. Interesting concept in dreamland. Application of our supposed democratic republic in reality though, well that’s something different. […]

  3. tpfleming Says:

    Cardinal Dulles Dies; Who’ll Pray for Allen’s Soul Now?
    When I read the news of the death of Cardinal Avery Dulles the other day, I thought, again, of his uncle Allen, one the most despicable snakes who ever crawled out from under a CIA rock. Director of OSS secret ops in Europe in WWII, and Director of the CIA under Eisenhower and JFK (until JFK fired him after the Bay of Pigs), he was responsible for some of the most outlandish atrocities ever dreamed up by a demented Cold Warrior.

    He okayed Operation Paperclip, the evacuation of war-criminal Nazis, who should have been tried and hanged at Nuremberg, after WWII. He gave these Nazis new lives and lucrative careers in our aerospace, defense, and intelligence complex. What they did there is a story unto itself. Let’s just say, America, in the Cold War, took a turn towards neo-fascism.

    One of Dulles’ prize projects was Operation Mockingbird, a program which trained CIA assets as journalists who would disseminate pro-CIA propaganda from their positions at newspaper, TV stations, publishing houses, and periodicals across the country. He also recruited exisiting media moguls like the Luces, Bill Paley, and Sulzberger to “lie for their country.” Subversion of the free press meant that American citizens seldom got the truth of what their secret agencies were up to.

    Dulles also dreamed up MK-ULTRA, the secret biochemical and drug experimentation program which victimized innocent, unwitting citizens who were exposed to bacterial agents, LSD, and other weird psychological and hypnosis projects. The object was to see if the CIA could control one’s mind and one’s behavior, and create a Manchurian candidate who could kill in a brainwashed trance without later being able to recall the act.

    To cap his distinguished career, Dulles covered up the truth of JFK’s assassination while serving on the Warren Commission. Dulles falsified documents, harangued witnesses, misled investigators, and use “Mockingbird” assets to print lies about the evidence in the press. In other words, he did everything he could to steer the investigation away from the real culprits–the military-industrial-intelligence complex, which he had served well for a lifetime.

    Cardinal Dulles lived to be 90, but I don’t think even 90 years of prayer and restitution is enough to absolve uncle Allen of his sins. I wonder what covert ops Allen is running in hell?

    Tim Fleming
    author, “Murder of an American Nazi”

  4. susan Says:

    scary stuff indeed.

  5. hotdogjam Says:


  6. Wildflower Says:

    I don’t doubt it for a minute. When I lived in Oakland, the gangboyz had no planes or boats to get their steady huge supply of drugs.

    The government is obviously complicit in the crack cocaine trade.

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