The range


Got bullets?  Do you shoot?

Went to the range today.  Perfect day for me.  It was nice and rainy so there wasn’t anyone else there interfering with what I want to do.  When there are a bunch of people it’s a drag, so rainy cold days are great because it keeps the weaklings inside.

25 yard range

25 yard range

This is the berm for the 25 yard range.  I sighted in my red dot on the Saiga and then went through of box of 38s and also went kapow kapow with the 12 gauge.    I like using the 38.  It just feels right.  I’ll shoot at different angles and ranges.  Do you practice?  I’m no expert.  I don’t even pretend to know what I’m doing.  If I had the dough I’d love to take a class or two.  I’ve also been meaning to sign up for the IDPA stuff.

After getting warmed up and sighted in a bit I moved over to the 50 yard range.

50 yard range

50 yard range

This is the 5o yard range.  You see the little black thing?  That’s the target.  50 yards isn’t really far, but it’s still tough for me to shoot accurately.  I mean if my eyes can’t make out the target other than the red bullseye it’s tough to be more accurate than my eyes allow.  I hit the paper every time which is smaller than a torso so I figure I’m doing ok.    When I use the iron sights the target becomes the same size as the iron sights so forget about making out the different scoring circles on the target.

I ended up hitting the target stand.

target stand

target stand

This is the stand that I hit.  I wasn’t that far off.  There was a target in the upper corner where I was aiming.  I was an inch or two off.  The reason I show this is because, being new to centerfire rifles, I thought it interesting to see the damage that one can do.  The bullet went right through the 1/4″ (?) steel rod holding the target.  It just sheared it right off.  I also took one shot at a small (8″ diameter) pine tree.  It went right through, small entry hole and a rather large exit hole.  Shoulda taken a pic of that too.  Now I know that the bullet would go right through the sheetmetal of a vehicle without a problem.  It might even exit the other side, in one door and out the other.

With my stand now damaged I shot at a one gallon plastic milk jug.  That’s always fun, to see the jug dance around.  Movement is good.

If you haven’t tried shooting, it’s harder than it looks.  Forget about shooting the gun out of someone’s hand or shooting somone in the leg.  That’s TV and movie stuff.  And that’s before you even add in stress and adrenaline.



This is the evahl black rifle.  Boo!!  Are you scared?  It’s a Saiga 7.62 x 39.  It’s build on the AK platform and comes from the Izhmash facotry in Russia. I’m guessing I’ve fired over 500 rounds through it, but less than 1,000.  It has never failed me.  I have never had a miss feed.    That’s a cheap red dot on top of it, not that cheap really.  It has kind of a crazy side mount for the scope.  I wish I got a red dot with the various reticles.  Oh well, live and learn.

Anyways, as we’ve all heard practice makes perfect.  Do you practice?  Do you have more than 1/2 a box of shells at h0me?

Edit: Since my schpiel on retail some more news has popped:

“Seven metro Detroit La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries start liquidation sales on Friday, another casualty of Michigan’s rugged economy.”

“Office Depot will close 112 stores”

5 Responses to “The range”

  1. Survivalist News » Abraham’s Blog: The range Says:

    […] The range « Abraham’s Blog Got bullets? Do you shoot? […]

  2. Luke-N-Bmt Says:

    Did you have to do anything extra to mount the red dot sight? I would like to put one on my saiga 308. Just dont want to have to drop too much cash to do it. thanks.

  3. hotdogjam Says:

    I got a quick detach side mount. Here’s one place that sells them.

    They want $43. If you look around I think I paid about 10 bucks less. It’s very solid, locks on easily and doesn’t interfere with the iron sights. I definitely can recommend this product, but I don’t know this particular seller.

    Google “saiga detachable side mount scope.”

  4. theotherryan Says:

    Out of curiosity why did you go with a Saiga instead of the venerable proven AK-47? In any case it is good that you practice. I’ve been shooting rifles plenty lately but need to take the pistols to the range. Also got some new stuff that needs to be test fired and practiced with.

  5. hotdogjam Says:

    I liked the Saiga because it was a full length rifle. I can use it to hunt if need be too. It is made in Russia in the same factory that the original AKs came out of. The Saiga is an AK platform. I’ve read some great reviews on it – being buried in mud and then fire 1,000 rounds through it without cleaning, mud being ejected from the barrel and ejection port. All things considered it seemed like a good buy. I think I paid $350 for it along with two extra mags. The mags for the Saiga though are expensive and regular AK mags don’t fit it.

    It’s a good rugged, fairly priced rifle that is accurate enough for my skills.

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