Martial Law

Police state

Police state

Everyone is blogging about it.  It’s troubling that so many of us feel the same way in an ostensibly “free” country.  What do you think is going to happen when the banks and the stock market are locked down so you can’t trade or make withdrawals?

Our congresspeople were threatened with martial law if they didn’t pass the Troubled Assets Relief Program (“TARP”).

Sen. Inhofe (R-OK) discussing Bush Inc.’s threatened martial law

Rep. Sherman (D-CA) discussing Bush Inc.’s threatened martial law

And there are 20,000 more troops on the way to keep the lid on things come…

“Pentagon to deploy 20,000 troops for domestic emergencies”

Are you ready to be stay in your home for a few days or a few months?  Best way to survive is to employ the three L’s – lay low or leave.

How to Survive Martial Law-

Survive Martial Law-

Bunch of PDF’s to download-

First ice

First ice

The first ice of the season on a little pond.

First ice

First ice

Just some frost crystal poking up.  I like the geometric way these things look all angular.

4 Responses to “Martial Law”

  1. I drive my tractor is pearls... Says:

    I love Inhoffe – he is one of the few Senators that voted down TARP. His counterpart, Tom Coburn, who touts all the money he saves everyone voted for it…By my count, he was ahead saving us about 70 million, but he went down several trillion by voting for this bailout crap…

    For some reason, I see Kent State all over again, but on a much larger scale when US Soldiers are expected to turn their guns on US Citizens.

  2. Michael Boone Says:

    I don’t think there is much doubt that we are going to have Martial Law. We are just too rowdy. I reckon they don’t want to take into account that someone will GET a little rowdy if someone is spitting in their face like the fedgov is doing to us! Get out of town and get on the land. Get your survival machine set up. Next Spring, plant a garden. Keep your weapons clean!


  3. hotdogjam Says:

    Interesting comments.

    It wouldn’t take much.
    1. SCOTUS declaring that Obama isn’t a natural born citizen.
    2. One or two bombs going off in American cities.
    3. A pandemic of some type.
    4. A bank holiday.
    5. The $ being dumped as the standard world currency.
    6. A biological weapon being used in ‘da homeland.’
    7. Our supply lines from Asia being interrupted.
    8. Our supply of oil being broken from wherever.

    What’d I miss?

  4. Collin Bowling Says:

    Hello. I am getting a book published at iuniverse and I was wondering if I could use the image from this website of the police officers fitted with helmets and bullet-proof jackets and armed with batons (it is the first image on the page) in my own book. Thank-you.

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