The market


I just heard that the market had its best five day rally in 75 years!!  It’s like saying that the US hasn’t experienced this much peace since December 6, 1941.

Hmmm, 75 years.  2008 minus 75 = 1933.  What was going on in 1933?  This is a bear market rally.  I still don’t think that we’ve hit bottom.  Although stringing together a few days of moderate gains does look good.  Anything is better than the volatility we’ve been seeing of late.

The Exodus

The Exodus

“P log biggest 5-day percentage gains since the 1930s, even as holiday sales look bleak”,0,1561555.story

The economic news is still too bleak to think that we’ve hit bottom.  Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.  The stock market highs of 1929 weren’t hit again until 1954.  The Great Depression lasted for years and years.  What we are experiencing is another “slow slide.”  However, this time we’ll be lucky if it’s as slow asa the Great Depression.  I think technology may speed our slide along.  To think a year ago that the market was at 14,000.

The layoffs start in earnest next year.  The government cutbacks start in earnest.  The closings and bankruptcies start in earnest.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.  Monthly layoffs are in the 1/2 a million range.  There are 10 Million Americans looking for work.  Continuing unemployment is at a 26 year high.  We are beginning to see civil unrest in China, Argentina,  Thailand and soon to come to a country near you.

The future of the US$(dollar) remains uncertain.  We can’t continue to dilute the basket for those who invest in the US$ without some sort of negative outcome.  Newton’s Third Law tells us so, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

I agree with others that the next year will be an extremely trying time for the United States.  Most likely, food, shelter and water will be more important to you a year from now then they are today.  Act accordingly.  Food, water, shelter and warmth.



Just a beautiful fresh water mussel shell.  Edible of course if the water is clean.

Lean to

Lean to

Just a lean to I found in the woods.  Some kids probably built it for fun.  It doesn’t look very waterproof, but a tarp or space blanket over the top could change it into something quite livable.  Wouldn’t want to spend much time in it, but with a tarp over the top you could probably spend a few nights in it without too much discomfort.

It reminds me, I was out walking a few weeks ago and I came upon a young couple washing up in a stream.  They seemed down on their luck.  Who among us is so far removed from being out on the streets.  Don’t ever delude yourself into thinking that you are safe or secure.  Respect those who have less than you do.  Treat everyone with kindness.


3 Responses to “The market”

  1. Survivalist News » Abraham’s Blog: The market Says:

    […] The market « Abraham’s Blog I just heard that the market had its best five day rally in 75 years!! It’s like saying that the US hasn’t experienced this much peace since December 6, 1941. […]

  2. Michael Boone Says:

    As to the market, I follow the words of a friend of mine who said. “DO NOT BE FOOLED!” And treating people with kindness is a thing nice to be able to afford. If you can’t afford it. then don’t get generous.


  3. theotherryan Says:

    Things are pretty tumultuous these days. I would not be putting money I planned to use in the next several years into the market, that is for sure. Seems like a good time to put cash into tangible stuff, pay down bills and pad the savings account.

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