Another reason….


… to hate the Democratic Party.


The embrace thanks to Google Images

Another perfect reason is because of the way they handle Joe Lieberman.  Here you have a guy, Senator Lieberman, who loses the party primary in his home state switches parties and runs as an independent, beats up the fairly and justly nominated Democratic senatorial candidate from his home state and gets re-elected by the fine people of the Nutmeg State who would shoot themselves in the foot if they had a cap gun.

“Although enraged by his campaign attacks against Barack Obama, U.S. Senate Democrats will allow Sen. Joe Lieberman to remain chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.   Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid emerged from a closed-door caucus Tuesday morning and told a large crowd of Capitol reporters that Senate Democrats voted 42 to 13 against punishing Lieberman.”

This has nothing to do with Senator McCain and everything to do with Senator Lieberman.

Then Honorable Senator Lieberman campaigns for the Republican presidential candidate and makes many nasty and ugly comments about the Democratic presidential candidate.  With friends like this who needs enemas?

So how do the feckless Democrats handle it?  Do they kick him out of their caucus?  Do they remove his committee chairmanship? Do they do anything at all?

Nope.  They do nothing.  They allow someone to spit in their face, try to burn their house down and they allow the lunatic Lieberman to dance away scott free.  What do you think the marching lock strap Republican Party would have done if a sitting Republican actively, openly and forcefully campaigned for PE Obama?  They would have been gutted, skinned and their body parts would have been scattered to the four winds.

The Democrats?  Nothing.  I won’t vote for candidates from a party that can’t even keep its own kids disciplined and under control.  It’s like an army that is allowed to rape, pillage and loot because the command won’t keep them under control, or a country that is so undisciplined that it allows secret prisons and the torture of suspects.

Once again disgusted with the Democrats.  Joe please just disappear.  Just ride off into the sunset and retire in Lake Bona Vista Acres.

144,000. BTW just to fire the other barrel what is up with 144,000 Alaskans voting for Senator Ted Stevens?

Stevens thanks to the AP

Stevens thanks to the AP

These people, ideologues to be sure, voted for this guy even after he was convicted of basically stealing money from the people of Alaska and the citizens of the United  States.  If you voted for Stevens you either didn’t know he was convicted and shouldn’t vote because you ain’t informed or you shouldn’t vote because you don’t have a shred of sense and are guided by party politics and not principle. 1/2 of the voters of Alaska voted for a convicted felon.

I mean come on.

“Stevens says he’s deeply grateful for his 40 years of service in the Senate.  The 85-year-old Stevens lost his bid for a seventh term after he was convicted on federal corruption charges.”

2 Responses to “Another reason….”

  1. matt Says:

    I’m wondering if those that voted for Stevens were like yourself. They could not vote for a Democrat because Democrats won’t stop Lieberman. By voting for Steven’s they knew that the Gov. of Alaska, a republican, would appoint the replacement which would most likely not be a Democrat.

  2. hotdogjam Says:

    Is that why? Does the Governor of Alaska have to appoint someone of the same party when a senator resigns?

    I didn’t like McCain or Obama so I voted for neither. I try not to vote party.

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