Patches and cutoffs.  Whatever happened to putting a patch on a hole in your jeans and cutting the legs off a pair of jeans to make shorts?  I think that summarizes some of the problems with the United States today.



We no longer do this.  We just throw the jeans out and buy a new pair from Walmart.  When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s we always had patches on our jeans.  We liked the patches because it gave us a chance to personalize our jeans.  I remember picking out different iron on patches because my mum didn’t like to sew.

cutoff jeans

cutoff jeans thanks to Google Images

How about shorts now?  Now we all buy some shorts from some store.  Back then a pair of cutoff jeans or cutoff corduroys would have done  and been good enough.  Now?

What’s happened? Are Americans too good now to patch a pair of pants or make a pair of cutoff shorts?  Are we spoiled or too proud?  Very few of us will try to repair something prior to throwing it out and purchasing a replacement.  I always feel satisfied when I’m able to lengthen the useful life of something that I use.

I hope that’s not who we have become as a nation.  We need to get back to our roots.  We need to reuse, recycle and reduce how much we use.  The fact is most of us don’t know about sacrifice, but we’re going to learn.  Americans, pride cometh before a fall.


wild aster

wild aster

This is wild aster.  I apologize for the fuzziness, but it was a little windy that day.  Native Americans made a tea from the flowers and roots.  The tea was applied to the skin to treat poison ivy and drunk to treat fever.  I think the most popular use was to use the flowers as a smoking tobacco.

rabbit poo

rabbit poo

6 Responses to “Patches”

  1. Jim Shy Wolf Says:

    Ooooo, yah- patches are going to become the ultimate ‘hide in plain sight’ cammies- we’ll be looking like everyone else. If we don’t, we’ll be a primary target for those reading the signs of ‘affluence’ in the neighborhood. OpSec, like not cooking for the neighborhood or having lights on when everyone else is in the dark, patches and holes are gonna be de-rigguer.
    Chucklin’ as I think of how I dress now: can’t make too many changes. Everone already thinks I’m the poorest critter in the woods… don’t have a shirt or pair of pants with elbows or knees intact. 🙂 (Come to think on it, I don’t have a pair of sox that are all there, either! 😉 )

  2. gott_cha Says:

    Yep,…remember well growing up with hand-me-downs,….plenty of patches!

    These days the wife buys bolts of denim and broad-cloth for that coming day

  3. susan Says:

    its a great look and will probably be coming back. second hand clothing stores are also all the rage now. good bye Banana Republick, hello salvation army. enjoyed the article 🙂

  4. matt Says:

    I believe the picture of rabbit poo is actually doe poo. Rabbit poo is usually more spherical rather then pinched rugby ball shaped. Rabbit pellets also are scattered rather than clumped like in the picture.

  5. hotdogjam Says:

    Good call Matt. They looked awfully small to me.

  6. Guneet Dave Says:

    This is an great site, I’ll be sure to add this blog to my bookmarks 🙂

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