You know they were talking about us.  You know that they did.  They talked about us behind our backs.



You know they discussed the US$ and what to do with it.  As we all wake up on a Sunday morning and talk about errands, what to have for dinner and who is driving the kids around.   This afternoon maybe we’ll watch a game and crack a beer.

Kind of wild when you think that as we sit at home The Powers That Be are deciding our futures.  Does anyone believe that the IMF, World Bank and US government are looking out for the workers’ best interests?  We’re cogs in the machine.  Expendable.  They talk about us behind out backs.

I personally think something will eventually have to give with our currency. It’s not unprecedented.  FDR seized gold in 1933 to revalue and Nixon unilaterally moved off the gold standard in 1971.

Every time we expand the money supply it reduces the value of dollars already in existence.   The holdings of anyone that has dollars or dollar denominated investments is reduced by increasing the money supply.

I imagine that those countries that hold US debt probably aren’t too happy to see the way that the Bush Administration has expanded US debt over the past few months.  It makes it more unlikely that they’ll ever get paid back.  I imagine that the rest of the world isn’t too happy to discover how a lack of regulation and oversight in US markets is dragging down the rest of the world.

And I think it’s that reality, that the US is never going to pay back all of the money that we owe, that is compelling the G20 to meet.  We’ve become a Third World country, a banana republic if you will, unable to pay our debt.  The interest alone is hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

So what to do?  As I wrote above, I think something is going to have to eventually give with our currency.  Maybe we come out of the G20 meeting with one world currency.  Maybe the G20 move away from using the $ for international trade or oil.

Putin - look into his eyes to see his soul

Putin - look into his eyes to see his soul

“PM Putin suggests Russia China ditch dollar in trade deals.  We should consider improving the payment system for bilateral trade, including by gradually adopting a broader use of national currencies,” Putin told a bilateral economic forum.  He admitted the task would be tough, but said it was necessary amid the current problems with the dollar-based global economy.”


Dr. Paul on the Global Financial Summit

Behind the scenes, a far more fundamental fix is being discussed — the possible revaluation of gold and the birth of an entirely new monetary system.”


“The Single Global Currency Assn. urges the G20, meeting in Washington this weekend, to initiate research and planning for a Single Global Currency. The Association’s President, Morrison Bonpasse, wrote to IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, to urge such a step in order to “achieve the primary goal of the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference and the primary goal of the IMF: stable currency around the world.”


Nothing substantial may happen this weekend, due to US government being in a state of change until PE Obama is sworn in, but the G20 will meet in another 100 days.  Maybe that’s WTSHTF and the decisions that President Obama makes are as VP Elect Biden said of those future decisions, “they’re not likely to be as popular as they are sound…”

Nature pics –

Wild grape

Wild grape

This is wild grape in winter.  It’s a climbing vine.  Notice the reddish bark and the way the bark peels.    Those are tell tale clues that it’s grape.

Another way to tell what you are dealing with is grape and not some other vine like Virginia Creeper

Grape tendril

Grape tendril

is by looking at the tendrils.  Notice this tendril is forked, that is there are two curly things coming off of the one tendril.  Can you see that?  A forked tendril means it’s grape.  As you must know grape is great for jams, jellies, making wine and eating the fruit fresh.  I bet you could even cut the vine and drink the water that drips from it.  That’s probably unnecessary though because in my experience grapes only grow near water so if you see grape you can assume that there is water very close by.


One Response to “G20”

  1. vs Says:

    A few years ago, I researched wild grapes and learned that the leaves could be eaten, after boiling awhile and canning in vinegar/oil mixture. Then, you stuff them with rice and nut mixture, or meat mixture, fold up carefully and roast with a little tomato sauce. It’s a Turkish dish and wonderful. The smaller the leaf, the tenderer, but cook alot, because the leaves may tear, too, when stuffing.

    Your site is great and positive. Thanks, VS

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