Heat or eat?


I know I get a fair amount if Republicans on this site.  I apologize if what I am about to say you find insulting.  If it makes a difference I don’t hold Democrats in much greater regard.  Two sides of the same coin as far as I’m concerned.  I hope that we can disagree about politics, agree about survival and the economy and still remain friends.  Even if what I say angers you please scroll to the bottom to look at my pics of the day – a deer rubbing and staghorn sumac.

“As January 20th draws near, some of you may be anxious about finding a new job, or a new place to live. I know how you feel. (Laughter.)”

President Bush 11/6/2008


What’s funny about that!?!?!?  He has no idea, not a clue, how I feel.  I tend to think that Bush has never sent out a single resume.  I’ve sent out hundreds.

Somehow Bush and the Whitehouse press corp think it’s funny to be looking for work or a place to live.  To me, it shows such a lack of understanding of what most of us face everyday that it is breath taking.  People are hungry.  People are looking for work.  People are losing their houses.   People have to choose between heat or eat.  Bush’s statement wasn’t only not funny it was callous.  What else would you expect from someone who never had to get their hands dirty, worry about meeting their bills or finding a job.

I really think that the economy is tanking.  If you have a job hold onto it.  Kiss your boss’ butt.  I heard on CNBC the other morning that retail sales are way down at the Abercrombie (-20%) and the Gap (-16%).  This is the beginning of the end.  It’s beyond a doubt that this will be the worst Christmas season for retailers ever. http://www.forbes.com/equities/2008/11/06/retail-october-closer-markets-equity-cx_mp_1106markets41.html

Seeing how around 65% of the American economy is consumer based and retailers do the vast majority of their business during the Christmas season there are not good tidings ahead.  Consumers are forced to pull back their spending because growths in productivity haven’t trickled down as growth in wages.  The owners get richer and the workers get poorer.  http://www.epipolicycenter.org/blm-stagnant_wages_and_rising_inequality.pdf

In October Ford’s sales plunged 30%, Chrysler’s 35% and GM 45%.  This is bad. 


I also just heard that the $25 Billion already given to the auto manufacturers by the Republican administration (socialism?) won’t be enough and the manufacturers are coming back with open hands.  http://www.forbes.com/equities/2008/11/06/retail-october-closer-markets-equity-cx_mp_1106markets41.html

Credit is still tight for most everyone.  Home values are falling and home equity loans are being shrunk.

For the past 20 years, the last two “expansions”, we relied on consumer borrowing.  That dog don’t run no more.  No auto loans.  Student loans are tough to come buy.  Lines of credit and so on.

Circuit City is closing 175 stores.  Linens and Things is gone.

NYC is laying off 500 workers.  Indianapolis may lay off 400 teachers.   Dallas laid off 300 teachers.  Bf Goodrich is laying off 500 people.  18,000 people were laid off in the financial sector in October.  16,000 were laid off from the auto industry. Motorola is laying off 3,000.  Michelin laid off 240.  All the newspapers are laying people off.  Yahoo employees are facing some imminent layoffs and it goes on and on. http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/081107/economy.html

Don’t forget all that money injected into the economy by the Republican administration (Bernanke, Bush & Paulson).  Production is going down so we have less goods.  We also have more $’s out there.  So we have more $’s chasing less goods.  The inevitable result will be rising inflation.  I know right now we are facing deflation, which is a more significant problem, but inflation is coming back.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  The layoffs start in earnest Q109.  Hold on tight.  Most people have no idea what lays ahead.  Prepare for the worst and expect the best.

More happy stuff, my pics of the day-



This is a deer rubbing.  This is where some buck rubbed the bark off of this small juniper with his antlers.  I think that they do this to mark their territory and also to scratch the fuzz off of their antlers.  when you see a rubbing you know that there are deer populating that area.

Staghorn sumac

Staghorn sumac

This is Staghorn Sumac.  You gather these berries, soak them in cold water and strain the mizture through a clean t-shirt to make a fine tasting lemonade type drink.  In the Mideast the berries are used to season shish kebabs.  The tea is also good for coughs.  Root tea was used to stop bleeding.

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8 Responses to “Heat or eat?”

  1. Sneaux Says:

    Hallelujah Brother! It’s a scary scenario unfolding in this country.

    So what are you doing, specifically, to prepare for the Depression?

    Food storage – Yes. Firearms – Of course. What are you doing about money? That’s a question I keep asking myself daily. Do we dump the bank and go old-school under the mattress? Metals?

    Enjoying your blog! 🙂 Keep it up!

  2. NoBomba Says:

    “treat everyone you meet with respect”? Except republicans, apparently.

    Try practicing what you preach.

  3. Survivalist News » Abraham’s Blog: Heat or eat? Says:

    […] Heat or eat? « Abraham’s Blog I really think that the economy is tanking. If you have a job hold onto it. Kiss your boss’ butt. I heard on CNBC the other morning that retail sales are way down at the Abercrombie (-20%) and the Gap (-16%). This is the beginning of the end. It’s beyond a doubt that this will be the worst Christmas season for retailers ever. […]

  4. LadyJRebel Says:

    I just read your blog site and I really like it. (got the link from Survival Blog BTW) I LOVE the pictures of the woods and the plants, etc. Been doing some research on plants and herbs, good to know info. You taught me something about the Pokeweed thing. I hear poplar makes good aspirin. I just bought 20 acres in Oklahoma and am waiting for the paperwork to finalize before I can get to live on it. Living in the “burbs” right now and am really excited about the rural move. Anyway I wanted to let you know that I will be adding your site to my favoritws and I really appreciate you taking the time to write such great info! Thanks very much!

  5. hotdogjam Says:

    Sneaux-totally got out of equities a number of months ago. My wife stopped contributing to her 401k. We may just take the company match and pay the taxes and penalties. Anything not related to preps we don’t buy.

    NoBomba-sorry if I insulted you. I call em as I see em. Like I said I don’t see much difference between the Dems either. However, I do think the Dems will do more to help the regular working folks.

    LadyJRebel-Thank you. My two favorite field guides are Peterson’s Edible Wild Plants and Peterson’s Medicinal Plants and Herbs. The second one, Medicinal Plants and Herbs, even has an index by ailment!! Willow bark is also good for headaches. It contains salicylic acid which was used to make aspirin.

  6. John Says:

    Man, I just subscribed the other day after being referred by SurvivalBlog and this is the first post I read? It was even ok for the most part as I don’t hold either party in high regard, but this last comment about how “the Dems will do more to help the regular working folks…” Possibly, who knows? Since when is it the governments job to help people out? That’s what I call personal responsibility and neighborly compassion, NOT government social programs and the like.

    Don’t get me wrong, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, and I respect that you have yours, I just didn’t realize I would be subscribing to some political soap-box when I added your RSS. Thanks for the reasonably useful information in the short stint!

  7. Dean Says:

    I noticed that you stated the losse’s for Abercrombie and The Gap..do normal people shop there?? I’m more concerned with GM and Chrysler! I’d rather keep manufacturing job’s than getting designer jean’s! The dollar is crashing,along with american industry.Silver and gold price’s are being artificially held down,somehow,and it will all blow apart soon,regardless of the president.
    I’ve also seen on other website’s,people are freaking out to get more ammo and magazine’s for the stock of assualt rifle’s they have buried in the yard waiting for Armageddon.Are they sane?? Do they realize how much they spent on such stuff? If it get’s that bad,I’m heading to my condo in Mexico!

  8. Sean Says:

    Right “NoBomba”– I’m sure you’re all about “respect”, eh?

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